Depressed toddler??

Will the new baby induced toddler upset ever end? Poor Bub is still in bad shape. We’re getting more tantrums than we ever had through his (not so) terrible twos. He’s also totally listless much of the time, unwilling to do anything except play on the iPhone or watch YouTube. Part of this is tiredness, he’s been going to bed too late and getting up early for a while. But mostly it’s linked to his new brother. Bub is actually very sweet with Baby. But his feelings for me and his daddy are very negative. He is really violent with his dad. Casually hitting and punching him all the time. He’s stopped being so violent with me but is clingy and cries loads. It takes hours just to get his pyjamas off in the morning and his clothes on. He also demands sweets all the time. Thank goodness the better weather is here and we can go outside. Though it’s still a bit of a struggle to get him to do that as he’d rather have the tv on. He’s now figured out the remote so I have to hide it. (Though it’s actually quite amazing to watch him navigate to YouTube via the Apple TV.) He claims everything is ‘boring’ and calls us all kinds of names. ‘Stupid mummy’ and ‘you silly muppet’ two of his lovely expressions. He told his daddy that he was a ‘baddie’. He’s also regressed with potty training – we’ve had more accidents in the last two months than the whole time we were training.

It does make you doubt yourself and your parenting. We’ve actually had discussions around whether our boy might be depressed. He certainly has all the signs of it. I hope this is only temporary but two months in it doesn’t feel like it.


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4 Responses to “Depressed toddler??”

  1. evidencebasedtitsandteeth Says:

    My toddler regressed with potty training which is quite normal, however, a great book I’m reading has helped explain a lot about the toddler mind and I only wished I’d read it 18 months ago. It’s called ‘What every parent needs to know’ by Margot Sunderland – it’s research based as opposed to anecdotal. Good luck!

  2. teamcleo Says:

    Perhaps he needs more physical play time… it energizes them and refreshes their minds… and see if his behaviour improves… good luck! hope all goes well… i understand your situation as i have gone through it… thank goodness my younger one is now 16 months old and my older one is almost 3 years old, things are getting a lot better now.

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