All words are nice, mummy

Bub has developed quite a potty mouth recently. I’m sure he gets a lot from us (despite my best efforts.) But the bigger kids at nursery probably have a lot to answer for here too.

He’s recently started to call people stupid. I was telling him off for this the other day when he hit me with a zinger of a comeback.

‘But all words are nice, mummy.’

And therefore I couldn’t tell him off as stupid was a word and, ergo, was nice.

He’s since used this response on me several times. This isn’t something Bub would have come up with himself so he must have heard a child say it at nursery. He says it with such a sense of rightness and self-satisfaction that I’m sure he totally believes it. Whoever he heard say this is clearly an authoritative source and knows far more than mummy about what is right and wrong!


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