Bad piggies cart

I’ve written before about Bub’s enthusiasm for iPhone games and YouTube videos. One of the consequences of having a new baby and me spending lots of time breast feeding. But who am I kidding – he loved them before Baby arrived too!

Bub’s top games at the moment are Bad Piggies and Minecraft. Bad Piggies is an Angry Birds spin off and involves building cars and planes for pigs to escape with their eggs. It’s actually rather hard and whilst Bub can make some fab constructions it usually requires some adult help to complete most levels. So at least it’s interactive. Minecraft allows you to create and explore whole worlds. Bub can’t play this game himself but watches others play on YouTube. In particular he loves the Minecraft rollercoasters people make.

Anyway these two games have inspired him to something more traditional. He’s built a car from boxes. Or more specifically a ‘bad piggies cart’ – a cross between a bad piggies vehicle and a Minecraft mine cart.

As you may be able to see it has been kindly sponsored by Pampers and Felix cat food*. The cart comes complete with a slipper steering wheel, side rockets made from shoes and a bubble bath bottle for the peddles. Bub is also helpfully pulling a silly face.
* Not!


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