Eight weeks old

Baby is eight weeks today. Poor chap got to celebrate by having his first set of immunisations. He’s definitely grouchy this evening and hasn’t slept much since they happened. Am hopeful he’ll be ok tonight.

Eight weeks. It’s gone by in a flash. Much quicker than with Bub. I think that was because the first time around I was far more stressed and worried about everything. And I got much less sleep. This time we’re too busy juggling two kids to be too precious about anything. I’m definitely more relaxed about Baby than first time around. Partly this is because his brother is pretty demanding (still!) and partly cos Baby genuinely is an easy going little fellow. This all may change, of course, but for now I’m enjoying it immensely.

Baby is still a very big boy. At just over 14lbs he is a pound heavier than his brother when he was the same age. And this gap is bigger than the 6oz between their birth weights. Poor boys, getting compared already! This big size didn’t stop me getting a mini-lecture on breast feeding from the health visitor after he was weighed though. He’s dropped down a percentile (98th to 91st) so they are keen to stop it dropping down further. However Bub’s weight also dropped down the charts as he grew so I’m not worried. He is now a fairly skinny little thing so I expect Baby to gradually slim down too as the months go by.

We still have no semblance of a daytime routine. I sometimes think that we should and try to spot patterns in his eating and sleeping. But then I feel myself getting stressed when Baby doesn’t do what the books say he should. And then I catch myself and think ‘WTF! Why am I worried about this?’ Baby is happy and content, we can do what we like, when we like, and he just slots in. And as an added bonus he sleeps 6-8 hours almost every night. Why stress about not having a routine?!? I’m sure in time we’ll choose to adopt one when Baby and/or the rest of the family might benefit. But for now I’m just going to enjoy the relative freedom of it all!


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