Ten weeks old and feeding to sleep all the time

Have decided to bite the bullet and start to encourage our almost ten week old Baby into more of a day time routine. I’ve loved the flexibility of not having one. But he’s definitely now got a really strong feed to sleep association and I don’t really want it to continue. So in order to help me distinguish between hunger and tiredness cues I think we need a bit more structure to our day.

Baby feeds often at the moment, both when hungry or tired. Sometimes when he is tired and wants to suck but not feed he gets really cross when the milk comes down. I also can’t leave him for more than a few minutes and am the only one who can get him to sleep. He will sleep in the sling and (sometimes) in the car. But it’s almost always feeding that gets him to sleep at the moment. He’ll even doze off feeding straight after having had a long nap.

His older brother Bub was never one to feed to sleep as a newborn. He was much more influenced by movement and rocking was his sleep ‘prop’ for several months. Until my back could take no more, anyway!! He had very defined feeds – he’d feed happily for a time and then stop when he was full. He also had very definite growth spurts when he’d feed seemingly non-stop. Once my milk came in I’ve had no recognisable growth spurts with Baby at all. Perhaps he feeds more frequently but I don’t notice? Baby also dozes off during pretty much every feed so I never know if they have properly finished. If I wake him he then happily relatches and immediately starts to doze again. It’s easy to see why his feed to sleep association has developed!

I have had a fair bit of experience with entrenched sleep associations with Bub. We started with rocking. And when my back gave out at about five months we moved to feeding to sleep. Which was beautiful and snuggly. Until he started to wake hourly (yes, hourly!) all night in search of the breast. At about seven months I was a sleep deprived wreck and we had to undertake drastic measures. Fortunately we finally found a no-tears solution which eventually resolved these issues. But this time around I also have a toddler to contend with. Spending an hour getting Baby to sleep is a luxury I can’t really afford. So I’m keen to help him find another way sooner rather than later. And hopefully do it in a gentle way too.

Today was day one and it went rather well. Will update on what we did and our progress soon. In the meantime here’s a link to an old post giving five things I wish I’d known first time about baby sleep.


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