Holiday fun

Lovely long weekend away. Our first for about a year. Shamefully this is because Bub’s sleep is often really disrupted and this tends to dampen my enthusiasm to do it again. But you know what? His sleep was appalling, again, but it was still worth it. We had lots of fun.

Some highlights

  • Bub’s massive and complete excitement about going on holiday, our ‘holiday house’ and everything to do with the holiday.
  • Bub playing for HOURS with the wooden marble maze provided in our caravan lodge.
  • Having a cup of tea and reading the paper in our hot tub (for about five minutes) before being joined by an excited three year old who was delighted to have his own personal swimming pool.
  • Visiting a beautiful waterfall (England’s highest) and trekking all the way up to the top. Bub walked pretty much the whole way, he did so well and had boundless energy. And Baby did well in the sling too.
  • Bub and his daddy being Adventurers, including finding a stream with stepping stones.
  • Visiting the great British seaside on a wet and blustery afternoon, including a walk along the beach and doughnuts.
  • Bub having fun on the two penny slots on the pier and going on a 20p kids motorbike ride.
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    One Response to “Holiday fun”

    1. evidencebasedtitsandteeth Says:

      Ahhhhh….Teignmouth – just down the road! You can’t beat Devon for a wet and windy holiday!

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