Big big baby

Baby is twelve weeks today and I’ve just packed AWAY the 3-6 month clothes. He’s a really big boy – his older brother was four months when we did that. His 6-9 month stuff is a little long but otherwise a pretty good fit. Some is even a bit snug round his fat little tummy.

He was weighed yesterday and is 15 pounds 9 oz. That’s just on the 91st percentile which is slightly down on his previous measurements. He’s following his brother’s pattern of starting big and gradually getting slimmer. Mind you he is about a pound and a bit bigger than Bub was at this age.

I bought him some lovely trousers the other day in 9-12 months. I had intended he’d grow into them but actually they fit him perfectly (see picture below!)

If this carries on in a few years Bub will be wearing his hand me downs!

Update: My sister reminds me that her baby was a whopping 18 pounds 11oz at twelve weeks. Big babies do run in the family! He’s eight months younger than Bub but quite a bit bigger even now. And yes, Bub has already got a few hand me downs from him!


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    […] was 15 lb 9 oz at twelve weeks. But only 16 lb 7 oz at sixteen weeks. Not much of a gain over four weeks. By contrast his brother […]

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