Routine for a twelve week old

Yes, at last, we kind of have a routine. I say ‘kind of’ as it’s incredibly flexible and shifts about quite a bit day to day.

Baby was feeding very frequently because he wanted food when hungry or tired. Wary of developing too much reliance on feeding him to sleep I’ve spent a few weeks trying to move away from this. He still doesn’t fall asleep without intervention, but I feel like we’re making progress. He now falls asleep being rocked, or in the sling, car or buggy. He is fed to sleep before his nighttime sleep and during the night. And he’s also just started to go to sleep lying swaddled on the bed whilst I lightly jiggle him. I hope to increase my use if this method, whilst also reducing the jiggling, till he can fall asleep on the bed alone. Our main issue is short naps. This is linked to him stirring and looking for whatever intervention he had to get to sleep. I hope as we move more to the latter sleep approach this will cease.

Our day is structured around when Baby first wakes for the day. Sometimes it’s 8am, sometimes 9am, occasionally later. We do his first feed on waking and time the rest for every three hours afterwards. Sometimes he wants it a bit sooner and sometimes a bit later but it roughly evens out at a three hour gap.

So what does our routine look like? Well he feeds roughly every three hours in the day. And is sleepy around 90 minutes after he last woke up. So what happens tends to vary depending on his nap length. If he only has a 45 minute nap then the next sleep is brought forward accordingly. But an ‘ideal’ day looks like this:

9am Wake, milk
10.30am Sleep (wind down, rock/jiggle or whatever from 10.15am)
12n Wake, milk
1.30pm Sleep (wind down as before)
3pm Wake, milk
4.30pm Sleep (wind down as before)
6pm Wake, milk
7.30pm Milk, possibly a short nap
8.30pm Bath with big brother
9pm Milk
9.30pm Asleep for the night
6am Wake, milk, straight back to sleep
9am Awake for the day

An ‘average’ day is more like:

9am Wake, milk
10.30am Sleep (wind down, jiggle on bed from 10.15am)
12.30pm Wake, milk
2pm Sleep (rocked from 1.45pm)
2.45pm Wake
3pm Milk
4.15pm Sleep in sling whilst out walking
5.30pm Wake
6pm Milk
7.30pm Milk, doze off feeding for short nap
8.30pm Bath with big brother
9pm Milk
9.30pm Asleep for the night
5.30am Wake, milk, straight back to sleep
8.30am Awake for the day

The ‘ideal’ has been inspired by the Baby Whisperer. I don’t subscribe to everything she says but I find the EASY (eat, activity, sleep) concept quite helpful. Baby seems quite happy with it too. If only we could conquer the short naps thing it’d be fab. However this is probably more important when he’s older and naps less frequently so for now I’m happy so long as we get at least one longer nap a day.


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