Green and very frequent poo

This post is not for those of a delicate disposition. Or those who aren’t interested in some heavy duty wittering about breastfeeding, poo and the relationship between them. If this is not for you please turn away now…

And for those still reading here is my dilemma.

Thirteen week old Baby and I are having a bit of a poo crisis. He’s gone from having one or two mustard coloured poo’s a day to doing lots and lots and lots. At least one poo each feed and sometimes extra in between. Often these are green. This has been going on for about a week. He is otherwise fine in himself and I don’t think he is ill. My main worry is that he’s going to get a nasty nappy rash. And that maybe something isn’t going quite right with his feeding.

I’ve done a fair bit of Internet searching, as you do, and it looks like frequent green poo is mostly linked to a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Or perhaps teething (though he is a bit young, I’d hope). Or maybe something I am eating. My diet hasn’t really changed though. And whilst he is drooling more he doesn’t appear to be in discomfort from his teeth.

So I’m thinking the foremilk/hindmilk thing might be the culprit. I already feed off just one side per feeding so too frequent breast switching isn’t an issue. I have however noticed that Baby’s feeds are getting shorter. They’ve gone from 20-30 minutes a feed to 10-15 minutes. This might explain any possible imbalance in his milk. I had thought maybe he was just getting more efficient or maybe more distractible. And doing a poo mid-feed probably is quite a distraction!

My current theory is that maybe he is ready to space out his feeds longer than every three hours. According to the Baby Whisperer, and my experience with Bub, this would be at around four months of age. But maybe he is ready now? If so it could be that he isn’t very hungry at three hours and therefore doesn’t take much.

Anyway I think I might experiment to see if he wants more time between his feedings. I won’t deny him if he wants milk but I won’t pro-actively offer at three hours either. I’ll also try to ensure he gets a full feed by minimising distractions. With a toddler around that might be hard!

Welcome any advice or ideas on this from readers.

UPDATE: See what happened here.


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