Poo still green and now nappy rash

Poor Baby has had a nasty nappy rash. This is from his frequent green poos which were happening every few hours. He’s red and sore from all the nappy changes.

I hope I’m not tempting fate to say that things are looking a little bit better today. He still poo’d a lot (two nappy changes at 5am are no fun for anyone!) But less than yesterday. And they were less green too. His rash is a bit less fierce.

I think we have had a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I have been googling like crazy to see how we can resolve this. Things were a bit confusing as the web is full of contradictory advice (no kidding!) He already only took one breast per feed which seems to be the standard advice in this situation (this helpful article explains why.) If this isn’t enough then it suggests using the same breast for more than one feed. But as Baby is now sometimes going four hours between feeds this would be a VERY long time on one side.

Interestingly, and confusingly, I’ve found some information which slightly contradicts the standard line. Apparently the longer you go between feeds the more watery your foremilk. This would imply the opposite of the above advice – feed frequently and from both breasts.

So what to do? So far I’ve continued the one sided feeding. I’ve tried to feed without distractions to help him get a full feed. I’ve also tried to be more attuned to his feeding cues. I’ve only offered the breast if he seemed hungry rather than routinely offering once three hours have passed. Sometimes this has meant going more than four hours between daytime feeds. But it has meant the eventual feed is a fuller one. It seems like this is working so I’ll persevere for now.


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