Baby has his own bedroom

We’re experimenting with Baby having his own bedroom. He’s only three months so it feels a bit early. But our bedroom is quite small so we’re struggling to fit his cot and associated paraphernalia in there. Plus where he is now he’s only a thin stud wall away from his big brother. I’m so paranoid about him waking him at night I think I sometimes get Baby up too soon and he might well have gone back to sleep.

I remember moving Bub to his own room too at about this age. And promptly moved him straight back the next day. He felt too young! Plus he was waking two or more times a night. Baby only wakes once so this is less of an issue. Plus I really want to use my rocking chair for late night breastfeeds. All good reasons I hope this works out. But if not I’m not going to hesitate to go back to the old arrangements.
As you can see Baby’s new room is not exactly large. It’ll be better when we take out the single bed but for now that is staying to help with the night wakings.
Also spot the use of a travel cot as his main bed. A lesson I learned from his big brother. Makes it so much easier to sleep away from home and with a nice mattress it’s just as good as a ‘real’ cot and a quarter of the price.


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    […] an amazing day. Two naps of over two hours each. And a great night with just one wake up. But since moving him to his own room and getting a bit more lax with my approach it has all go to pot. It only took a couple of times […]

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