It’s all gone horribly wrong! (baby sleep)

Remember the cheery post of a couple of weeks back? Where I boasted of our successful transition from breastfeeding to sleep? And said I could just pop three month old Baby into bed and he’s sleep for a two hour nap? Yes? Well that isn’t the case anymore.

Sadly Baby’s sleep has regressed back to where we started. He wants to feed to get to sleep and nothing else will do. Jiggling in the cot? Nope. Rocking on my shoulder? No. Walking in the sling does still work but isn’t exactly a three times a day and bedtime solution.

It was only ten days ago that he had an amazing day. Two naps of over two hours each. And a great night with just one wake up. But since moving him to his own room and getting a bit more lax with my approach it has all go to pot. It only took a couple of times when he resisted sleep and I then fed him to sleep. Before I knew it he hadn’t fallen asleep in the cot for days and was reliant on feeding to sleep again.

To make matters worse he is also waking at night more. From one month old he’s woken once in a ten or eleven hour nightly stretch. But this last week he started waking twice. Not dreadful as baby sleep goes but a shock to my system. Plus at night I do tend to feed to sleep so this has become another opportunity to reinforce the wrong habit.

Had a dreadful few days where I’ve resisted feeding him at nap time. I’ve tried jiggling him, rocking him, singing, a dummy. I fished out a mobile and tried white noise and lullabies. I even got his daddy on the case. All to no joy. He just screams and screams until it’s eventually feeding time. Sometimes for two hours! All rather horrible.

I’m not sure if he is genuinely hungry. Ninety minutes plus of crying (never alone) seems excessive if he’s not. Maybe it’s a growth spurt? Or my menstrual cycle throwing things out? I then worry he might be teething but there aren’t really other signs of this. I just don’t know.

So at the moment I am at a loss. Trying to get him to sleep without milk has been awful. I have a cold too so my energy is low. Maybe I’ll let him take the lead for a while and stop trying to control things. After all just because his brother got a dreadful sleep association with hourly wakings all night it doesn’t mean Baby will….

I may live to regret those words!


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3 Responses to “It’s all gone horribly wrong! (baby sleep)”

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  3. exaltada Says:

    I read it and I feel so sorry for you, because I´m a mother too. So… a few months later, how are you dealing with all of it? Hope you feel better, honey!
    Kisses and hugs from Spain.

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