Baby sleep update

So three days after we started sleep training with Baby how are things going? No clear conclusion at the moment. There are some great times when he settles in the cot very happily. And some crappy times when he gets very frustrated and upset.

I’m kind of making this up as I go along but what we are doing is:

– A brief bedtime routine prior to going in cot.
– Then into the cot.
– Hopefully falling asleep easily and calmly.
– Me or his daddy staying with him if he gets upset. We’re in the room but not in his face and murmur soothing words from time to time so he knows he’s not alone. If he gets very upset we pick him up (a la the Baby Whisperer) but this hasn’t been needed yet.
– At nap time if he’s not settled after an hour I get him up and try to get him to sleep in the sling or car. Anything but feeding to sleep really.

This last rule came from this website. I’m actually not convinced it is helpful. His falling asleep was rapidly improving till I did this today. And then the day was totally rubbish. I fear that he’s now just waiting on the sling as his preferred option. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it?

He has fussed a lot and cried a fair amount too. But not as much as I’d feared. He seems frustrated and tired but not desperate or scared. He has settled himself to sleep in the past and has done so this week. So I know he can do it. He also seems fine in his awake time and not upset or anything. I’m therefore reasonably ok with this approach we’ve adopted and we’re going to stick it out a bit longer.

In terms of breastfeeding I’ve been feeding him when he is hungry which has worked out to be 3-4 hourly. At night he’s gone 8-9 hours without food but then he’s not resettled after what should be a middle of night feeding. So some very early starts! I have resisted feeding before naps as they are usually only an hour or so since he last fed. He doesn’t seem hungry at that point bit prior to our change he would have fed to get to sleep. However my foremilk/hindmilk issues seem to have returned almost immediately I dropped these pre-nap feeds – he did four poos today (after doing only one a day all last week.) So I may need to do a pre-nap feed after all (waking him up after of course!) This might help relax him too which would be good so long as he doesn’t feed to sleep.

What I really need to get sorted is feeding him from a bottle. My milk supply is poor in the evening and his final feed takes about 90 minutes. This is ridiculous and means he’s missing out on valuable sleep time. If he would only take a bottle this would help enormously. But despite trying nightly so far we’re getting nowhere.

So that’s the latest. Hopefully my next sleep post will contain better news


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