Baby routine at 16 weeks

Sixteen weeks already. My Baby is getting more alert and interested in the world every day.

His routine is a bit fluid at the moment. Things are going well with sleep training but we still get the odd nap which we struggle with. He tends to get sleepy about ninety minutes after waking. Though this is less in the morning and more in the evening. He is now feeding pretty much every four hours in the day. And at night can go 8-10 hours before waking. Woo hoo!

Because things are still settling down I can’t really share a generalised routine. So I thought I’d post up his day from when he was exactly 16 weeks old as an example. Plus it was a fairly good day and he got a nice lot of sleep.

10.15pm Asleep for night
6.30am Awake (8+1/4 hours sleep), milk (30mins)
7.05am Back to sleep (fed to sleep then placed in cot)
9.30am Awake (2+1/4 hours sleep)
10.30am Milk (40mins)
11.30am Nap (dozy after feed so had to wake, then in cot from 11.10am, no tears)
1.40pm Awake (2+1/4 hours sleep)
2.20pm Milk (30 mins)
4.10pm Nap (in cot from 3.40pm, some tears)
6.40pm Awake (had to wake as getting late, 2+1/2 hours sleep)
6.45pm Milk (20 mins)
8.00pm Bath
8.40pm Milk (50 mins)
9.40pm Milk (20 mins)
10.00pm Asleep for night (woke after feed then put down, asleep quickly and easily)

I try to have an EASY structure to the day (ie Eat, Activity, Sleep). But when he has a night wake/feed so late in the night it can throw the day out. So in today’s example I don’t feed him immediately on waking as he isn’t hungry. More recently he’s been waking slightly later (eg 7am or beyond) and not dropping straight back to sleep. This makes us much more likely to follow the EASY template.

Final observation is the very late bedtime. 10pm is far from ideal. But after his bath I’m feeding him for 60-90 minutes in the evening and so it usually does work out to be this time when he finally finishes feeding and falls asleep. This is why I really want to use a bottle of formula for the evening feed as my milk supply is very sluggish later on. Poor boy is usually shattered by bedtime as am I. We’re still struggling with introducing a bottle so this is my next challenge!


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