Not quite so big baby

Baby’s weight gain has slowed right down. Till now he has always been much bigger than his brother was at the same age. But last time he was weighed (just before sixteen weeks) this had reversed.

Baby was 15 lb 9 oz at twelve weeks. But only 16 lb 7 oz at sixteen weeks. Not much of a gain over four weeks. By contrast his brother was a pound lighter than him at twelve weeks yet was 5 oz heavier than Baby at sixteen weeks. Quite a difference.

Baby is now around the 75th percentile mark so still a big boy. But given he started on 99th that’s down a fair bit.

The health visitors were fine with it at the time. However they didn’t plot his weight properly on the chart so it was only when I got home and corrected it I saw he’d dropped another percentile. So they might not have been so happy if they had realised.

I’m hoping this is a blip following the spate of green and frequent poo. Will probably take him to be weighed in a fortnight to check he’s ok.


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