Don’t waste £500m judging our families!

David Cameron is set to make a statement today promising that the Coalition will one day ‘soon’ introduce a Marriage Tax Allowance. He is responding to pressure from his back benches who threatened a vote on it today.

The proposals as they stand are to enable married couples or those in civil partnerships to save £150 a year in tax. But this is only if one member of the couple doesn’t work (or doesn’t work enough to have used their full tax free allowance.) Part of this allowance can then be passed to their partner to give a saving on their tax bill of up to £150 a year. Single parents, widows and widowers, cohabiting couples, and married couples where both work need not apply!

I’ve written about the Marriage Tax Allowance before and explained why I oppose it.

There are two main reasons.

Firstly, I’m not married but am in a long term relationship with children. So I instantly feel judged by those arguing for this change. We don’t conform to some 1950s stereotype. I resent the implication that my family is some how less valid than another because I have chosen not to get married.

But secondly, and more importantly, this feels like a spectacular waste of public money. It is estimated that the current proposals would cost around half a billion pounds a year. Half a BILLION QUID! At time when families are being made homeless by the Bedroom Tax, which seeks to save less than this, it’s an utter scandal. Surely there are better ways to spend £500m to support children, families and relationships?

If you would like to find out more or express your opposition to these proposals then you can do so at the Don’t Judge My Family website.


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