So pissed off with sleep issues right now

Never again shall I post up about our sleeping success. It’s definitely a jinxing thing to do. Twice I’ve done this, saying we seem to be getting there. And twice it’s been only a few days until it feels like square one again. Maybe it’s me getting complacent which swings it?

Anyway things are crap with sleep again. With BOTH kids. Baby’s routine is all out of whack which is leading to him feeding just before sleep. Uh oh! And yes, of course, it didn’t take too long for this to take us right back to where we started. He now desperately wants to feed to sleep and we’re having to sleep train all over again. As for his big brother I really don’t know what is going on. He’s regularly screaming in his room at bedtime and refusing to go to bed. I think Baby’s bedtime tears are upsetting Bub. But it’s also my decreased availability to him as I stay with Baby through the tears. And all our heightened stress levels and tiredness doesn’t help. Feels like the whole house is over tired and it’s no fun.

Last night both Baby and Bub screamed themselves to sleep… And then Bub woke at 2am shouting and screaming and refusing to be comforted. And of course Baby woke at 4.30am. And at 7.30am he was up for the day. And has only just dozed off after yet more tears at nap time. This is crap and I am shattered!


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