Catching down

I learnt a new phrase the other day. Catching down. It’s the opposite of catching up. It is what happens when babies are born big and get smaller, relative to their peers, as they get older. So for example a boy might start out on 75th percentile but gradually shift to following the 50th. This process enables then to find their own growth trajectory.

Catch down growth is what both of my boys have done. In quite an extreme way. Bub started off 10 pound 2oz and 98th percentile. After a few months he tracked the 75th for a while. And now aged three he is around the 33rd. He’s gone from big and chubby (like me) to slim like his dad.

Baby seems to be going the same way. He was born at 10 pound 8oz (99th percentile). But he is now 16 pound 11oz (just under 75th). He has only put on one pound 2oz in seven weeks. Health visitors are fine about it though, guess he’s just finding his natural baseline.

And here they are. My slim-as-a-whippet three year old and his not-so-big-as-he-was baby brother.


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