Genie is out the bottle

We’ve finally been able to get four month old Baby to take a bottle. Woo hoo! I’m absurdly happy about this because it has come to signify all kinds of things. Mainly to do with freedom and flexibility. I can now book an appointment to get my haircut!! And maybe even one day have an evening out 🙂

So how did we manage it? It did take some patience. We started to offer a bottle, occasionally, about a month ago. He wasn’t unhappy to have it in his mouth but just wouldn’t suck on it. He’d chew it and push it around with his tongue. But as for drinking from it that didn’t come for ages.

I tried a wide variety of bottles too. At first I tried Bub’s old ones which he hated. I then tried Avent Natural as he’d best tolerated the Avent dummy. He had an ounce from one of these once when I ‘dream fed’ him when he was half asleep. But then never took any from it again. I borrowed a NUK bottle with latex teat from a friend which seemed pretty good – he took an ounce one day in his bouncy chair. And for good measure I also tried a Dr Browns which he seemed to like holding in his mouth but did not suck.

The final trial, which he liked from the off, was a MAM anti-colic bottle. I’m not sure if it was the bottle itself or just the result of the repeated offering of any and all bottles. Either way I’m happy. Especially as I discovered the MAM bottles self-sterilise in the microwave so I don’t even need to use the steriliser box. Hurrah!

This is second time I’ve had this issue and know at least two other mums personally who had it too. I reckon their is a gap for a service which enables mums to trial bottles with their little ones. They are very expensive to buy – I reckon I spent at least £30 on a variety of ones before settling on MAM. Some of which it was immediately obvious he didn’t like. Given I now have a mixed set of bottles I don’t want I may talk to the local NCT about whether they might support this.


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