Starting to think about weaning (baby led of course!)

Baby is four and a half months old. So weaning is a little way off yet. But I have started to think about it and remind myself how it’s done. And I’m starting to get quite excited!

This is when one of many benefits of blogging kicks in. I wrote a lot about weaning with Bub so I can use this to remind me. For example these tips on BLW for a lazy mum.

I seem to have lost my Baby Led Weaning book (this one by Gill Rapley) so will try to get it from the library. Fortunately the BLW forum is still going strong.

I realise that I found weaning quite a chore before, fun though it was to watch Bub try new things. I think that given we now already cook for a toddler and structure our day around his schedule it won’t be as much of a shock to the system. Am almost looking forward to it!

Baby’s view: Who needs solids when you can eat your own foot??


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