Enough already!

Time for me to be the party pooper. I’ve had enough already! No, not the royal baby (though I’m underwhelmed by that too.) It’s the oppressive and overwhelming heat that I’m bothered about.

Today was the hottest day in Britain since 2006. And it’s been really hot for a few weeks now. I’m afraid to say that I really don’t like it. This seems to be sacrilege in the UK – we are all supposed to worship the sun on the few days it shines. But I am now totally sick of it.

It’s almost midnight. And upstairs in our house it is 29 degrees. Despite having the windows open, fans whirring, and wet towels evaporating in bedrooms. It cools down a bit by morning, to a more manageable 25 or 26. And then gets hot again.

I am feeling very cooped up in the house. It’s too hot to go walking or even (as I’d hoped) start running again. If it was a little cooler it’d be great to go out to parks and the beach. But in this heat it’d be awful.

Poor Bub has had a fever these last few days. I’m not sure if it’s heat exhaustion or something unrelated. Either way being in a hot environment doesn’t help. He has also lost much of his appetite for food or drink which makes keeping him hydrated and happy even harder.

And of course no-one is sleeping either. Both kids are struggling and I get impression that friend’s children are the same.

According to the weather reports we are due thunder storms and then some cooler weather later this week. Can’t come soon enough for me!


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