Portrait of a five month old

You are totally orally fixated, everything goes straight in your mouth
You love your toys, especially your cuddly caterpillar
You can roll over both ways, but don’t tend to do it very often
You have a lovely smile and use it a lot, especially at Daddy
You also like to laugh at Daddy, though you only use your laugh occasionally
You find your big brother fascinating and always want to watch him
You can drink from a bottle (yay!) but still prefer breast feeding for comfort
You snack all day, never really drinking much except at bedtime
You are quite chatty but make less noises than you once did
You aren’t yet eating real food but you enjoy practicing with a spoon at the table
You sleep really well at night (despite all my bad habits) usually going 8-10 hours at a stretch
You are rarely grumpy even when you are very tired
You are increasingly wriggling and won’t be using your bouncy chair much longer
You love your baths and would happily stay in them for ages
You’re our Baby and we love you!


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