Cold turkey on sweets and squash

An insight into my concerns about Bub’s eating, taken from a recent query I posted on the fabulous baby-led weaning forum:

Just about to start BLW with DS2 which has made me reflect on how badly awry things have gone with 3 1/2 year old DS1.

We did BLW and he used to happily eat almost anything. I was happy to accept that he had some hungry days and some not hungry days and he ate a pretty healthy and varied diet. This has all changed now though. He won’t sit at the table and is constantly running off to play. He picks at food at best and hardly eats a thing (the days of famine one day and feast the next are gone.) He demands sweets and crisps all day. He now hates things that are mixed together and wants separate ingredients (eg instead of chicken stir fry I have to give him the chicken and noodles unmixed and before any sauce – but that’s no guarantee he’ll eat it.) I often find myself cooking a lovely family meal only to make him bread and butter instead. My partner and I are constantly calling him back to the table and trying to encourage him to at least try stuff. For tea we usually have yogurts for pudding (mainly because I want him to get the calories and calcium) but sometimes feel he is waiting for that instead of eating his tea.

Really would welcome some advice. As of yesterday we have gone cold turkey on sweets and sweet drinks. I’ve resolved not to give him any for a month and then reintroduce as treats only. What else if anything can we do? I’m not super worried about his weight but he is really grumpy and moody and I’m sure poor diet is at least part of the problem.

Got some great support and encouragement from this really helpful and lively message board. But here I want to focus on our cold-turkey on sweets and sweet drinks. We’ve now been doing it for about a week and you know what? It’s been great.

Once I told him they were gone and not in the house he stopped whining for them. And whilst he still pesters for other things (crisps, cake, etc) in the main he’s now having healthy snacks. He has just had water to drink too and again doesn’t seem too put out not to have squash. His behaviour is better and he is eating more at meals. I can’t prove either are directly linked. But it’s great to know he’s eating more healthily. We will reintroduce sweets etc in a while as definite treats. I have a new reward chart (more about that another day) and will be using and reviewing progress with that soon.

Now that’s Bub’s sweet habit sorted I think I need to think about my own!


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