Snacky five month old

Baby has always been a bit of a ‘snacker’. To read some writers and forums you’d think that was almost as bad as being an axe murderer. Fortunately he’s only ever snacked in the day and once he has tanked himself up for bedtime he does sleep very well. But during the day it can feel like he’s constantly on and off the boob/bottle.

I don’t mind too much as long as he gets the milk he needs. Given his weight is back on percentile (75th) I can only surmise he is doing ok. But I’m surprised as he doesn’t really seem to take all that much.

One thing about bottle feeding is you can see how much they drink. With breastfeeding I was never sure if he wasn’t some uber efficient daytime feeder. But no, he basically takes very little in at all during the day.

Yesterday he had 8oz milk on waking and another 6oz before bed. He then had the remaining 10oz spread throughout the day with no more than 2oz maximum drunk at any time. I offer him more and he is fed on demand. So I have to presume it is enough. But 24oz over 24 hours doesn’t seem like a huge amount for an almost six month old who isn’t yet eating solids.

I remember Bub being very distractible at this age too. But he did generally take more substantial and spread out day time feeds. At the moment I’m still trying to get used to Baby’s appetite to guage what bottles to offer and when. I don’t want to starve him (obviously!) but I also don’t want to be pushing the bottle too often because he gets cross.

Anyone else experience of feeding a grazing baby? Feels like at least we are in a good place to start solids soon as he’s not got giant feeds to slot them between.


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