Pre-crawling (???)

Is pre-crawling a word? Well if not I may need to invent it. Baby has suddenly become more mobile and while he’s still a long way off crawling it’s a big leap towards it.

He’s been rolling for a while now. But now he does it within seconds of being put down. Once on his tummy he can then swivel round to face the way he chooses. He was also pushing his bum up with his legs and really stretching up on his hands.

All a long way from actual crawling. But also a fair way beyond the accidental and occasional rolling of a month ago. Bub didn’t crawl till gone eight months. I wonder if Baby will do it sooner?



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3 Responses to “Pre-crawling (???)”

  1. Julie Farrell Says:

    Aww he’s gorgeous! Lovely blog 🙂 #BYOB

  2. Six months old :-) | Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] have changed a lot recently. Purely on formula. Rolling and turning. Sleeping through the night All good […]

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