Six months old :-)

This time six months ago I was in labour. And look what I got to show for it? My lovely baby boy. How time flies!

Things have changed a lot recently. Purely on formula. Rolling and turning. Sleeping through the night 🙂 All good stuff.

And more fun to come. I’ve purposely held back from weaning till I had to and so we start in earnest this week. He’s had a few bits to grab and bite but I don’t think he’s swallowed anything yet.

For posterity here is his routine at six months old. No solids in this. It’s not exact as we go by his signals but so long as we are at home he’s pretty predictable now.

As a snacky feeder he doesn’t often drink all his milk in one go. So below I’ve given the times I offer a new bottle but he doesn’t necessarily drink it all up then. Often he’ll have half then and the remainder an hour or so later.

8am: Wake, 8oz milk
10am: Sleep, usually at least two hours and sometimes up to three
12n / on waking: 8oz milk
2pm: Sleep, usually 1.5 to two hours
4pm / on waking: 5oz milk
6pm: 5oz milk
8pm: Bath, 8oz milk
9pm: In bed asleep

You can see how he tanks up on milk before bed. How lucky we are with his sleep. It can occasionally be tricky to get him to doze off but once out he does sleep well. Perfect baby I think!


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2 Responses to “Six months old :-)”

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    […] now, at six months, cracked it. He now has three 8oz bottles and two 5oz bottles a day (routine here). He drinks what he wants from these in one go (usually all of it) and then doesn’t need more […]

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    […] that it’s time to change up on his routine. At present he is still more or less following his routine at six months, with a bit of solids chucked in here or there. But at nearly eight months he has begun being […]

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