Bruises and bonding

Hmmm, a tale of two halves this. Two sides to my little three year old boy. Firstly the bad stuff. The part of him which lashes out. Shockingly he has smacked me in the face with my iPhone giving me a massive bruise. He’s been a bit unwell and this seems to come out in dreadful, dreadful behaviour especially violence towards me and his dad. Have lost count of how many times he has hit or kicked me this week.

But then we have the good side. The changed boy who has just realised he likes his baby brother after all. The side which wants to play with the baby, to kiss and hug him. The side which will dangle a toy and call Baby’s name and be the sweetest big brother ever.

Such a massive contrast. I just hope the naughtiness goes with the illness cos I’m already sick of it. The loving big brother side can stay!


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