Formula feeding safety

Baby is now fully formula fed. And seems to be quite happy doing so. But imagine my dismay when I discovered we were making up his feeds in an unsafe way. We also did the exact same wrong thing with Bub.

What I’ve always done is put some boiled water in a sterilised bottle and then measured out the formula in advance in a separate container. When I need the feeds I mix both. The formula powder hits the water at room temperature. And this is apparently not considered safe. The water needs to be at least 70 degrees to kill any bugs in the powder.

I did a fair bit of online research into this to check it. And it’s hard to do as there are lots of bits of conflicting information (including this respectable American site which says it’s ok to just use tap water…!) The most definitive UK advice is from the Department of Health and Food Standards Agency and is available here.

However having said all that I’m not sure that we’ll actually amend how we make up the formula. I am going to use a flask of hot water when I can. But there are times this just isn’t practical. And for early morning feeds my flask has gone cold so this doesn’t work here. Baby is still fairly unpredictable waking anytime between 6.15am and 8.15am so I’d have to get up at 6am just to boil the kettle. Or have a teas made. And then have him cry whilst I cool it down. Tough to follow the guidance in that situation.

For now we’ll just do the feeds hot when we can and cool when we can’t. He’s over six months now so I feel reasonably ok about it. How do you make up your formula? Any tips?


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