Baby-led weaning: the first few weeks

Have been meaning to update on our baby-led weaning progress for ages. But to be honest things are just ticking along so nicely I didn’t feel I had much to report. But that in itself is a good thing, especially as first time around I did struggle a bit. So here’s the news on our first three weeks.
Having waited until Baby was six months before beginning I can totally recommend this approach. We offered a couple of bits when he was about five and a half months but then kind of left it. He wasn’t really that good at sitting up and didn’t seem too interested in eating. At six months we started in earnest with some food at tea time and occasional bits at lunch time. He seemed to get it really quickly and was soon very happily munching away on whatever he was served. Leaving it till six months really seemed to work well as he got it so quickly and naturally, much faster than Bub who started two weeks younger. It’s also doing wonders for his manual dexterity. I could swear he’s getting his pincer grip sorted already!
Can’t remember all he has eaten but it definitely included:

Carrot, broccoli, courgette and other steamed and roasted veg
Toast and butter
Pasta in various sauces
Humous and pitta
Cucumber, baby tomatoes
Fish, chips, mushy peas, baked beans
Cream cheese with breadsticks
Cheese including cheddar, babybel and feta
Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes
Wakey, wakey cakes
Chicken with noodles
Veggie chilli with sour cream
Lots of fruit including pears, grapes, clementines, blueberries, banana
Natural yoghurt
The tiniest bit of his dad’s birthday cake

I can honestly say I haven’t puréed a thing or used shop bought mush. He just eats more or less what we do.

It’s been much easier to introduce foods to Baby because our schedules already coincide nicely with his. Our family lunch and tea times dovetail nicely. No need at all to cook extra or alternative meals. I’m conscious his meals might be a little salt heavy so do my best to minimise that but otherwise we all eat the same thing.
For more info on baby-led weaning I recommend the wonderful BLW forum.


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