Little green fingers

This past summer has definitely had a greenish tinge. Our boy has discovered an interest in things that grow. And in particular things that grow which he can eat. Or plant. Or preferably both.

This summer Bub and his daddy grew some sunflowers. Of about five they planted we ended up with three that flowered. Bub checked them almost every day. He loved to water them and watch as they grew bigger and bigger. In the end our largest one was about eight foot tall!
We tried growing some other things in our garden this year too. Tomatoes, herbs, strawberries. The strawberries were a success, though we didn’t have many. Sadly the tomatoes never quite made it as they were still green when autumn arrived. And most of the herbs got blown over in high winds. But our mint is flourishing and Bub often takes a leaf to eat. We did discover sorrel growing naturally in the garden and Bub will even eat that. A boy who’d never eat a salad from the fridge just loves it if he picks it from the garden.

Now the growing season is over I’m trying to keep his interest in plants by talking about the autumn leaves. We’re watching them change colour and collecting some nice ones.


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