Argh, early rising!

My boy is waking up too early. It’s driving me mad. And making him super tired. By evening he is exhausted as rather than getting the twelve hours sleep he needs he is instead getting 10-11 hours. This day after day is really taking its toll on us both. For me it’s not so much about having to get up early as I’m often up with the baby anyway. It’s dealing with such a tired and grumpy boy all day.

This all started when he got his new bed and simultaneously discovered he could open the gate to his room. He now knows he can get up when he chooses and this motivates him to get up when he first stirs. Plus I think he doesn’t sleep as well due to being unused to the new bed.

Am really not sure what to do. His room is massively blacked out, plus it’s quite dark in the morning anyway. He has a Gro-clock and understands that he shouldn’t get up till ‘up time’. Still doesn’t stop him! And a sticker chart to reinforce it is having no effect either.

In the past the only successful strategy I’ve found for early waking is an earlier bedtime. It’s counter-intuitive but it stops him being over tired come bedtime. We’ll be trying this for a few days and I hope that it works.


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