Changing up the routine?

Am getting clear signs from Baby that it’s time to change up on his routine. At present he is still more or less following his routine at six months, with a few solids chucked in here or there. But at nearly eight months he has begun being really fussy with his milk feeds again and I’m wasting loads. His solid intake is ok but not amazing so it’s not that the little lad doesn’t need the milk. But I think maybe he doesn’t need it quite so frequently.

Here’s our current routine food wise:
8am Milk 8oz
12n Milk 8oz (fussy, rarely has much)
1pm Lunch
4pm Milk 5oz (fussy)
6pm Milk 5oz (very fussy)
7pm Tea
8pm Milk 8oz (bit fussy)

The fussy bottles take an age to give him, need to be offered repeatedly, and are almost never finished.

So I think Baby is definitely telling us he’s ready for a change. I am a big Baby Whisperer fan but by this stage her routine advice is pretty flexible. So I shall just tweak and see what happens.

I think I’m going to try:

8am Milk 8oz
11.30am Lunch
1pm Milk 8oz
4.30pm Snack
5.30pm Milk 5oz
7pm Tea
8pm Milk 8oz

This will drop 5oz milk but he’s dropping at least that anyway so I am not too worried. If he has a smaller amount of milk at his 1pm feed I’ll probably switch to a bigger 5.30pm feed just in case.

This approach does load most of the calories into the afternoon. But this has always been his way. In the mornings he is mostly tired and sleeps a lot if he can. Baby is only awake in the mornings for an hour or so before his first nap so I’m not ready to slip breakfast into the mix quite yet.


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