Weaning update – 8.5 months

Two and a half months into weaning. Baby is doing pretty well and definitely loves his food. But he still doesn’t eat a huge amount. Tiny portions compared to all his baby friends. But he enjoys it which at this stage is probably the most important thing. And isn’t waking up hungry or anything. So he’s probably getting what he needs.

I am being much less purist in my baby led weaning than with his big brother. We started off doing just finger food. But after a month Baby wasn’t really eating much at all and what he was offered wasn’t very varied. He’d have bread really often and very few veggies. I decided to introduce a bit of spoon feeding. This was partly because it was an easy way to vary his diet. But also because he seemed to really like it. I never push him to eat anything he doesn’t want to. And if he wants the spoon to do it himself he is welcome to it. But lots of the time he is happy for me to spoon feed – I think it’s because he gets the food in quicker. So in some ways we have gone backwards rather than forwards. But he seems happy and is very much in charge so that feels fairly baby led to me.

Our routine feels a bit transitiony but has been working for a couple of weeks at least. Here it is:

7.30am Wake, 8oz milk
9am Nap
11am Wake, breakfast
12.30pm 8oz milk
1.30pm Nap
3.30pm Wake, lunch
5pm 5oz milk
6pm Occasional catnap in sling
7pm Tea
8pm Bath
8.15pm 8oz milk, bedtime

His breakfast and lunch don’t really fit in with family mealtimes which is another reason I have used a few more baby food jars etc. Typical meals are:

– Weetabix, or
– Baby porridge, or
– Mini shredded wheats
– Plus a handful of Dry Cheerios or a banana

– Half a baby food jar (stage two)
– Some finger food like toast, bread sticks, baby crisps etc
– Some grapes, strawberries or blueberries

– Whatever the family are having, true BLW style
– Full fat natural yoghurt

Not exactly the most inspiring menu but it works for us! Would love some extra ideas though, welcome your recommendations.



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