Chatty baby

So easy to get out of the habit of posting. But I love having old posts as a diary of my boys and I’d hate not to have anything of Baby’s second year. So here we go let’s keep trying.

And I wanted to write about his new pig noises. Yup, my lovely 14 month old has just started to snort like a pig. He finds it very funny when we do it to him. And is very pleased with himself when he does it back.

He can do a few other sounds. I hesitate to call them words because he doesn’t really use them in context but he can repeat them on demand so they are in conscious control. He says ‘da da da’ which is, of course, daddy. And ‘na na na’ which I’m claiming as mummy. He also says a sound which is like ‘there’ and used when he points at something.

He can also shake his head for no. He doesn’t really use it to say no, instead preferring to fuss and shout loudly his displeasure. But he recognises that it means no and finds it funny to shake his head when you say no to him.

And his final party trick, only mastered a few weeks ago, is to wave. Soo cute when you wave to him and he waves back. Honestly he just gets cuter by the day. And much more communicative than Bub was. He understands a few things and sometimes follows a simple command. It’s amazing how each day he seems to understand a little bit more and communicate a little bit more too.


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