So about me. I’m a mum of two in my thirties and live with my partner and sons in the UK. Our eldest son (Bub) was born at home in early 2010 and is the sweetest, smiliest, loveliest boy. As I write this my second boy (Baby) is still a newborn so I’m not sure quite what he’s like yet! I’m currently on maternity leave. I like knitting/crochet, chocolate, yoga and running. I’m into women’s issues and left/liberal politics.

Why Don’t wake the baby!? Sleep, or the lack of it, was the main theme running through my first year of life with Bub. We’ve struggled so much, read so much and tried so many approaches that I sometimes feel I deserve an A-level in baby sleep (probably at grade F – good effort but must try harder…) But anyway, we’ve had some successes and some setbacks and I’ve enjoyed sharing them on this blog. And we’re definitely not there yet. So whilst this blog isn’t only about sleep it does form quite a bit part of our adventure through parenting.

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