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January 7, 2014

What is it with boys and dens? My three year old absolutely loves them. This usually means we end up spending the day with a third of the living room and half the cushions out of action as he builds up his latest den. Baby brother is just delighted when he gets to join in too.




November 5, 2013

Went to a local fireworks display. Baby’s first. It went surprisingly well. He’s very sensitive to some noises but didn’t mind the fireworks at all. Some borrowed war defenders helped. He spent the display tucked up safe in my sling watching the bright lights with a look of complete awe on his face. Three year old Bub loved them too and watched with a massive grin. My boys clearly do have a taste for all things loud.

I didn’t get any photos of our fireworks outing. But here’s a lovely one of the two boys this Halloween.


Eight months old

October 29, 2013

Wow, time flies. All of a sudden my little baby isn’t quite so little. He is crawling, in fact. Amazing. His big brother didn’t do this for another six weeks so Baby is well ahead in the mobility stakes. Probably a by-product of spending much more time on the floor…

Anyway I thought it’d be interesting to contrast the two little ones at the same age. So here we go, first big brother Bub and then little Baby.


These also show another major difference. Teeth. Baby has had two teeth for quite a while. Bub didn’t get them till nine months. Both at this stage are still fairly chubby, though Bub slimmed down a lot once he started crawling. Will be interesting to see if the pattern repeats itself.

So, my two boys. Feels like only yesterday Bub was eight months and now he’s almost four. Gosh!

Bruises and bonding

August 30, 2013

Hmmm, a tale of two halves this. Two sides to my little three year old boy. Firstly the bad stuff. The part of him which lashes out. Shockingly he has smacked me in the face with my iPhone giving me a massive bruise. He’s been a bit unwell and this seems to come out in dreadful, dreadful behaviour especially violence towards me and his dad. Have lost count of how many times he has hit or kicked me this week.

But then we have the good side. The changed boy who has just realised he likes his baby brother after all. The side which wants to play with the baby, to kiss and hug him. The side which will dangle a toy and call Baby’s name and be the sweetest big brother ever.

Such a massive contrast. I just hope the naughtiness goes with the illness cos I’m already sick of it. The loving big brother side can stay!

Not so brotherly love

May 30, 2013

Oh dear, oh dear. Was giving the two boys a bath tonight when three year old Bub came out with the following:

“I don’t like [Baby]. Please you throw him away and get another baby.”

Closely followed by:

“I want to throw [Baby] out of the window.”

Hmmm. And there was me thinking he was getting better about having a little brother!

Entertaining baby

May 1, 2013

A lovely moment between Bub and his baby brother. Baby was being a bit grumpy in his chair in the kitchen. My partner was trying to amuse him and so Bub joined in. He deliberately dropped his shoe from a height onto the floor. Luckily not too near Baby. Anyway at this exact point Baby did a great big smile. Probably nothing to do with the flying shoe but Bub didn’t know that. He was so proud that he had cheered up his brother it was quite touching.
What a serious looking boy he is. Baby is definitely not as smiley as his big brother at this age. I remember Bub smiling at anything and anyone. Whereas Baby takes much more persuasion and a smile has to be coaxed out. His daddy is much better than me at getting a smile. And it looks like his brother is too.

Bumbo initiation

April 26, 2013

Baby got his first outing in the Bumbo today. He’s not quite got the head control for it so he came out not long afterwards. But he enjoyed his few minutes of sitting nonetheless.

His big brother decides he liked it too and spent much more time happily sitting in it and climbing all over it. I’m not sure it’ll survive much more of that to still be intact in a few weeks when Baby starts to use it properly.

Depressed toddler??

April 21, 2013

Will the new baby induced toddler upset ever end? Poor Bub is still in bad shape. We’re getting more tantrums than we ever had through his (not so) terrible twos. He’s also totally listless much of the time, unwilling to do anything except play on the iPhone or watch YouTube. Part of this is tiredness, he’s been going to bed too late and getting up early for a while. But mostly it’s linked to his new brother. Bub is actually very sweet with Baby. But his feelings for me and his daddy are very negative. He is really violent with his dad. Casually hitting and punching him all the time. He’s stopped being so violent with me but is clingy and cries loads. It takes hours just to get his pyjamas off in the morning and his clothes on. He also demands sweets all the time. Thank goodness the better weather is here and we can go outside. Though it’s still a bit of a struggle to get him to do that as he’d rather have the tv on. He’s now figured out the remote so I have to hide it. (Though it’s actually quite amazing to watch him navigate to YouTube via the Apple TV.) He claims everything is ‘boring’ and calls us all kinds of names. ‘Stupid mummy’ and ‘you silly muppet’ two of his lovely expressions. He told his daddy that he was a ‘baddie’. He’s also regressed with potty training – we’ve had more accidents in the last two months than the whole time we were training.

It does make you doubt yourself and your parenting. We’ve actually had discussions around whether our boy might be depressed. He certainly has all the signs of it. I hope this is only temporary but two months in it doesn’t feel like it.

First cuddle

April 5, 2013

We didn’t want to push Bub into holding his baby brother till he was ready. It’s been five weeks but here it is…
Aww, our first proper picture of the two boys together and their first cuddle.

My gorgeous boys!

March 31, 2013

My beautiful sons – Bub and Baby
These were taken on a lovely walk at the beautiful Arnos Vale Cemetery.


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