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Growing in understanding

February 9, 2014

Baby is nearly a year old. And suddenly he seems to begun to understand what we are saying. We play finding games all the time. We say ‘where is Bub?’, for instance, and he looks around and points. It’s really odd what we can understand and what he can’t. Ask him where Mia is, our cat, and he gets it every time. Ask him where mummy or daddy are and he hasn’t a clue. He’s very good with some toys – one baby doll called Tommy he loves and will happily search around for ages looking for him.

He is also kind of speaking a bit too. He says ‘da da da’ all the time, though not in any context. But he does try to say the cat’s name. When he sees her he says ‘eee-a’ and does it so often it’s not a coincidence. This is all very exciting because his big brother Bub didn’t do much early talking or experiment with sounds.


Getting so big and clever

February 8, 2014

Argh! Time is flying, I keep thinking of things to blog but then don’t get around to doing it.

The boys are getting bigger and better at everything. Bub is now four. Can you believe it? He’s suddenly got really into drawing and writing. He does ‘stories’ in which he draws random letters and numbers on the page. And his pictures aren’t scribbles any more. His people have faces, bodies, legs, toes, even shoes. And big smiley faces!

And Baby is nearly one. He’s started to pull up to standing all the time. Though rather annoyingly for all concerned he doesn’t yet know how to get back down.

Christmas round up

January 13, 2014

So I kinda missed blogging about Christmas. This was disappointing as it was Baby’s first so I’d have loved to have written more. So here’s a quick note to record some highlights.

Firstly, Bub’s ‘car cake’. A delicious concoction of icing and marzipan. He made it the same time his Daddy made a proper Christmas cake. Bub was so proud if it. He said he’s share it with his cousin on Christmas Day and showed it to everyone. I had to pretend I’d eaten it when it was finally time to throw out the final remains last week!


Secondly, the trauma which Father Christmas caused in our house. Bub decided that this Father Christmas bloke sounded kinda dodgy. Creeping into houses in the dead of night etc. No way did he want him here – he said he’d rather have no gifts at all. He was getting very anxious about it and his sleep really deteriorated in the days leading up to Christmas. In the end we agreed to leave the stockings in the shed so Father Christmas could go in there instead of coming in the house. This made Bub much happier, to the point where he even left out a drink and carrot for our guest.

And then the nursery nativity play. Bub had the starring role (not!) as a percussionist. Given his lack of any musical ability and hatred of all singing I’m not especially surprised. I went along expecting him not to participate at all. But how wrong I was. After a few tears when being dropped off he soon got into the swing of it. I swear I even saw him singing too.


And what of my lovely Christmas Baby? Well he had a jolly good time despite a shocking cold. He didn’t even mind getting into the Christmas spirit by dressing as an elf in a seriously cheesy photo shoot with his baby friends!


Call and response

November 21, 2013

Baby has started to make a variety of vocal sounds and noises. It’s really exciting. He’ll make a ‘ssss’ sound and then laugh when I do one back. Often we’ll have what are almost conversations where we are hissing and smiling at each other. He also makes ‘duh duh’ and ‘buh buh’ sounds.

This is all lots of fun. And in massive contrast to his big brother. Bub had very delayed speech and I don’t remember him ever testing out sounds or doing call and response type stuff. All this makes me think that Baby will be speaking much sooner than Bub did.

Eight months old

October 29, 2013

Wow, time flies. All of a sudden my little baby isn’t quite so little. He is crawling, in fact. Amazing. His big brother didn’t do this for another six weeks so Baby is well ahead in the mobility stakes. Probably a by-product of spending much more time on the floor…

Anyway I thought it’d be interesting to contrast the two little ones at the same age. So here we go, first big brother Bub and then little Baby.


These also show another major difference. Teeth. Baby has had two teeth for quite a while. Bub didn’t get them till nine months. Both at this stage are still fairly chubby, though Bub slimmed down a lot once he started crawling. Will be interesting to see if the pattern repeats itself.

So, my two boys. Feels like only yesterday Bub was eight months and now he’s almost four. Gosh!

A taste of independence

October 26, 2013

Baby is increasingly keen to do things his way. He loves nothing more than getting hold of a cup, plate or spoon. Anything I might normally do for him, or keep out of reach, he now wants. He giggles when he gets them too, as if he is thinking “Finally!”

He insisted that he wanted to do his bottle himself. Getting it in his mouth was fine, tipping it up wasn’t. But I’m sure he’ll get there soon.


He can sit. By himself. When did that happen?

September 8, 2013

Having two kids I wondered how I would divide my time between them. Would my three year old get a look in when the baby arrived? In reality it feels like the big boy gets about 80% of my attention and Baby gets about 20. Not very fair, is it? Guess I’m lucky the little one is very easy going.

What this means is sometimes Baby surprises me with his development. Like today I sat him by a new toy and fully expected him to tumble over. But he didn’t! How on earth did he learn to sit without me even noticing? Hmm, well, at least he seems to be doing fine on his own steam!

Pre-crawling (???)

August 21, 2013

Is pre-crawling a word? Well if not I may need to invent it. Baby has suddenly become more mobile and while he’s still a long way off crawling it’s a big leap towards it.

He’s been rolling for a while now. But now he does it within seconds of being put down. Once on his tummy he can then swivel round to face the way he chooses. He was also pushing his bum up with his legs and really stretching up on his hands.

All a long way from actual crawling. But also a fair way beyond the accidental and occasional rolling of a month ago. Bub didn’t crawl till gone eight months. I wonder if Baby will do it sooner?


First tastes

August 14, 2013

Baby is five and a half months. Not quite at the six month mark when we’ll officially begin baby-led weaning. But when we had a lovely roast dinner on Sunday I couldn’t resist sharing some carrots and broccoli with him. I figure that BLW theory says they won’t eat until they are ready so it’s no harm done giving him a few bits to play with. And play he did. He had a great time with the carrots and they did go straight in his mouth. Don’t think any were swallowed though.

Hmm, what’s this?
Is this right?
Feel like a pro already.
It breaks if I bite it!
Hmm, that’s quite enough.

Portrait of a five month old

July 27, 2013

You are totally orally fixated, everything goes straight in your mouth
You love your toys, especially your cuddly caterpillar
You can roll over both ways, but don’t tend to do it very often
You have a lovely smile and use it a lot, especially at Daddy
You also like to laugh at Daddy, though you only use your laugh occasionally
You find your big brother fascinating and always want to watch him
You can drink from a bottle (yay!) but still prefer breast feeding for comfort
You snack all day, never really drinking much except at bedtime
You are quite chatty but make less noises than you once did
You aren’t yet eating real food but you enjoy practicing with a spoon at the table
You sleep really well at night (despite all my bad habits) usually going 8-10 hours at a stretch
You are rarely grumpy even when you are very tired
You are increasingly wriggling and won’t be using your bouncy chair much longer
You love your baths and would happily stay in them for ages
You’re our Baby and we love you!

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