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Sugar plum fairy – a guest post

April 8, 2012

One of the tiny perks of blogging is that I occasionally get to offered free stuff to review. I’m normally too lazy to be bothered (and to be honest it’s never been particularly exciting stuff.) But luckily my sister is always happy to go to great lengths in return for free food. So when I was offered some free Plum toddler food to review I knew she’d be up for it. And I’ve been hoping to get her to guest post on here for ages.

So thanks to Plum for the Oaty Chomps, and thanks to my sister and her little one Hub for the review.

My 19 month old son Hub has never had a good relationship with food. I think this comes from being breastfed until he was 16 months old. Being a large baby (11lb, thought I would drop that in!) he was always hungry and I was happy to oblige.

Many happy hours were spent with my feet up on the sofa, Hub in my arms feeding away whilst I caught up on my soaps.

We introduced solids at 6 months blending a variety of vegetables, many I hadn’t heard of before and pureeing everything in sight. Hub wasn’t fussed; he could take food or leave it. Milk was the answer to all of his needs: hungry, thirsty, tired, cold, the list goes on and on.

I wasn’t pro breast feeding before I had my son, in fact I wrote on my midwife form that I intended to bottle feed but she suggested I kept an open mind about it. I’m really pleased she did, not only did it give Hub the best start in life, it also enabled me to go from my pregnancy weight of 17 ½ stone to a trim 11 stone whilst still indulging in a diet of cakes and chocolate on a daily basis.

We kept milk going on in the background and if Hub didn’t like the food on offer we just substituted this for milk again. This has meant that he has a very limited diet at home; we inadvertently taught him that if he doesn’t like something then he can have either milk or a tried and tested snack. The ones that you know he will eat no matter how poorly or upset he is.

I was hoping that the Plum Strawberry Cheesecake Oaty Chomps be another product that we could add to the rather unhealthy list of ‘adult’ food that he always eats. Unfortunately this was not the case, Hub likes the wrapping (it looks like it is going to be a chocolate bar) but when he bit into the chomp he stuck his tongue out and said yuck.

I have recently read that it takes between 15 – 20 times of introducing a new food to a toddler before you can rule it out that they definitely don’t like it. After checking the ingredients in the Oaty Chomps this is a product that I am going to proceed with trying again (and again and again).

The colourful packaging is appealing and Plum has become a household name for pure and baby friendly food. When out with my mummy friends I always like to give Hub something that won’t get tutted at or given a second glance. These bars are the perfect size to fit in his lunch bag or for him to have on the way home from nursery whilst in the car.

So, do I regret relying on milk for so much of Hub’s life? In the early days it made life so much easier. The quick back up plan, the no washing up method of food, a chance for me to have a sit down and relax whist my husband carried on with the chores. The downside is the social stigma of breastfeeding a 16 month old and the way I would automatically turn to milk if the food prepared was not eaten.

3 months into our new routine and we are still finding our feet; baby food manufacturers have spotted the massive market in ready prepared healthy snacks and we are going to continue our search to find something that he enjoys and I can give him guilt free.


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