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Depressed toddler??

April 21, 2013

Will the new baby induced toddler upset ever end? Poor Bub is still in bad shape. We’re getting more tantrums than we ever had through his (not so) terrible twos. He’s also totally listless much of the time, unwilling to do anything except play on the iPhone or watch YouTube. Part of this is tiredness, he’s been going to bed too late and getting up early for a while. But mostly it’s linked to his new brother. Bub is actually very sweet with Baby. But his feelings for me and his daddy are very negative. He is really violent with his dad. Casually hitting and punching him all the time. He’s stopped being so violent with me but is clingy and cries loads. It takes hours just to get his pyjamas off in the morning and his clothes on. He also demands sweets all the time. Thank goodness the better weather is here and we can go outside. Though it’s still a bit of a struggle to get him to do that as he’d rather have the tv on. He’s now figured out the remote so I have to hide it. (Though it’s actually quite amazing to watch him navigate to YouTube via the Apple TV.) He claims everything is ‘boring’ and calls us all kinds of names. ‘Stupid mummy’ and ‘you silly muppet’ two of his lovely expressions. He told his daddy that he was a ‘baddie’. He’s also regressed with potty training – we’ve had more accidents in the last two months than the whole time we were training.

It does make you doubt yourself and your parenting. We’ve actually had discussions around whether our boy might be depressed. He certainly has all the signs of it. I hope this is only temporary but two months in it doesn’t feel like it.


Playing dress up

November 9, 2012

Bub has suddenly discovered dressing up. And he loves it. This comes from Halloween I think when he went out with his Daddy trick or treating.

He’s been wearing a toy fruit basket on his head for a week or so. He refers to it as ‘I hat’ and was quite put out for a brief period when we couldn’t find it.

This has continued at nursery where he’s been raiding their fancy dress box. I picked him up today and he was wearing a blue cap, scarf and two monster gloves on his hands.

He also enjoys wearing our shoes and wrapping clothes round his neck as a scarf.

I think this might also be linked into potty training and his increased ability to put on and take off his clothes.

Here is Bub sporting a rather fetching green Lego box hat.


And here he is asleep on the sofa, complete with ‘I hat’ and snake.


Potty training… tick :-)

October 15, 2012

Thought it was time for a potty training update. To be honest it’s going so smoothly I’ve almost forgotten we are still ‘training’. Bub is now happily dry all day with only a small handful of accidents since he was persuaded to do that first wee on the potty. These are mostly when he is out and about or very distracted in some other way.

We have skipped using pull-up pants in general. I have resorted to nappies for lengthy car journeys, just to make life easier, but try to resist if possible. The annoying thing is having to carry a potty everywhere. I really think there is a gap in the market for a fold-up travel potty. Surely someone could invent something like this? I’d be a very willing customer.

Bub is still eating too many Haribo sweets, for my liking. The bribery has worked a treat but we are now trying to give them only if he insists. Seems not to be impacting on the wee hit rate so hopefully we can continue to scale back on these.

We also have a few issues with Bub not wanting to keep his trousers on after using the potty. That is getting annoying and given the weather I’m sure it’s pretty cold for him too.

And that’s about it. He’s doing phenomenally well and I feel really vindicated in waiting until he showed signs of being really ready. It’s been almost as if he taught himself. Well done Bub!

Dressing up

October 11, 2012

Bub has started to take a real delight in having control over his clothing. Our biggest potty training issue at the moment is getting him to put his trousers back on afterwards. He loves being able to take off his clothes at will and is always reluctant to put them back on.

However he does love to play dress up. Here he is below wearing my slippers and his daddy’s cardigan. All styled by his own little self.

Potty progress

September 19, 2012

Amazing potty training progress from Bub today. I’m so pleased we stuck with a toddler-led and relaxed approach as it’s paid off dividends.

Bub’s daddy was looking after him today and they went for a totally nappy free day. It was pretty clear Bub was broadly ready but we were still expecting plenty of accidents.

It went perfectly. Three poos in the potty and about eight or so wees. All done in the potty with not so much as a splash on the floor.

Our main problem was the copious amount of haribo sweets Bub was eating, one for each successful use of the potty. I think the poor boy felt a bit sick by the end of the day.

Bub’s daddy even managed to sort the ‘I wee up’ problem by making sitting down part of the deal to get a haribo. And Bub was happily wearing pants all day too.

This is still early days of course. They stayed in all day and were able to give it a lot of attention. Tomorrow they are going out but will probably use a nappy for that. On Friday Bub has nursery where we might go nappy free if it feels the right choice. Going forward I think the logistics of always having a potty on hand and being able to use it quickly enough will be a trial. For this reason it may be me slowing the training in future, if he’ll let me, rather than Bub’s readiness being the hold up.

So, early days still but progressing at a rate far faster than I ever imagined. Well done Bub!

Oh and here’s a tastefully edited shot of Bub showing an ‘offering’ he was particularly proud of.


Three wee victory

September 15, 2012

Still only potty training on an occasional and fairly toddler-led basis. But definitely signs of progress.

Bub had a bit of nappy free time today. He was eating his tea when he got down, shouted wee, ran to the potty and tried to remove his trousers. I helped him with this and then he did the world’s tiniest wee on the potty. High fives all round! He gets a haribo sweet for every wee in the potty which is helping incentivise. So far, in total, he’s had three. So still early days but good progress.

We have created a bit of a rod for our own back though. Bub is obsessed with the fact that ‘daddah wee up’ whereas ‘mummah no wee up’. As a boy he wants to wee standing up, like daddy. So he won’t sit on the potty to go. At best he’ll stand or squat over it. This is pretty messy and far from ideal. But he wants to do it like daddy and so won’t countenance doing it any differently.

DIY water feature

September 1, 2012

Inadvertently ended up doing a whole day nappy free today. Bub just didn’t want one on this morning so we decided to go with it. For a boy who has never previously shown any real toilet control it was pretty successful.

Not that this means he actually used the potty, of course. Sadly that happy moment is still someway off.

But he did show that he can hold off weeing when he wants to. And he told us either before or whilst doing a wee or poo all day.

But I think we may have made a tactical mistake…

We were outside and Bub hadn’t yet done a wee all day. Bub’s daddy then told him it might be fun to stand at the top of his play slide and do a wee down the slide. Yes, hilarious… Anyway, Bub thought this was very amusing and immediately did it. And then did a poo at the top of the slide too. And then later when he wanted to do another poo he ran out into the garden, up the slide and did it again.

Today’s potty training scores:

In the potty/toilet: zero
Accidents: two
On the slide: two

Feels like one step forward, one back but at least it’s a start!

Potty training – a beginning

May 29, 2012

The hot weather has given us a chance to let Bub run around naked outside. It’s also marked a small beginning for our potty training.

Despite being 28 months Bub hasn’t really been showing any signs of readiness for potty training. He can’t speak much and has never previously said anything about being about to go or having done so. I think like many boy toddlers he’s pretty indifferent to it.

Coincidentally I’ve just looked back through this blog and it was a year ago today I first wrote wondering if I was behind the curve by not yet considering potty training. This was because Bub’s girl cousin of the same age was already getting started. She’s now fully trained, day and night. But all kids are different and I honestly don’t think he’d have been any more ready even if we’d tried to force the issue.

Having him run about naked has helped increase his awareness of when he’s going, or is about to go. We have a new laminate floor and he’s managed to wee on it about four times. The last time he did look down about two seconds before he went and said ‘oh no!’. Not great he’s weeing on the new floor but at least it’s not carpet! And at least he’s showing increased awareness.

He’s also started to pooh in the evening around bath time again. If I ask him if he needs to go (when I spot the very obvious signs) he will happily sit on the toilet and try to go. Though until a few days ago he found going in the bath much funnier than using the toilet. He’d actively try to pooh in the bath rather than toilet. But two days ago we used that age old potty training device – the bribe. We told him he’d get a special treat if he did a pooh in the toilet. And what do you know, he’s done four bath time poohs in the toilet since then. Reward was a spray of this dreadful sweet mixture called mega mouth which he totally loves.

It’s still very early days and he’s a long way off doing this properly. But we’ve now had several toilet poohs and at least a sign he has some awareness he’s about to do a wee. And a successful bribery method. Result!

Fishing for pooh (yes, sorry, TMI!)

August 28, 2011

Hmmmm, bit of an issue developing. One in which I haven’t the faintest idea what to do and which my myriad of baby books never mention. So maybe the massed ranks of my thousands of readers (well, sometimes tens of readers – on a good day) can help.

Bub has started to pooh in the bath.

Not just a one off though. Four days running. He thinks it’s funny and now tries to do it.

I think it all started when he did a loud fart in the bath and found it hilarious. He was trying to do it again and, oops, did a pooh. This then was even more entertaining as he was whipped out the bath, cleaned off etc. Having had this happen once he keeps trying to make it happen again, unfortunately with great success.

I’m really not sure what to do. I can hardly ignore it so he gets the satisfaction of a reaction. He’s also no way near even starting to be ready for potty training so I don’t think I can try to get him to go beforehand or ask him not too. And I have no idea how to potentially rejig his diet to encourage a pooh at another time.

So, massed ranks, any ideas? I’m drawing a bit if a blank here and really don’t want to spend my evenings fishing for pooh if I can at all help it. Thanks very much in advance!


July 4, 2011

Couple of milestones today for my little man. Firstly he had his morning and evening milk from a beaker not a bottle. He coped very well and was seeming quite happy to use the cup (a Tommy Tippee free flow beaker). Only downside was that it took about twice as long for him to drink them. I think the act is less pleasurable for him so he is less focussed. I won’t be surprised if he starts to have less and less milk over time now.

This does feel like a real milestone. The beginning of the end of him being a baby. Very mixed feelings. I remember when I stopped exclusively breastfeeding and began mixed feeding at around seven months. And when I stopped breastfeeding entirely at around 9.5 months. And now we may be phasing out the bottles. My Bub is definitely growing up.

The other milestone is that today I bought a potty. He’s a very long way off being able to use it and we’re not really thinking about it yet. But I thought it a good idea to get one so he can get used to it being around, play with it, etc.

So the end of one phase and the beginning of another. My Bub is growing up so very fast, fast, fast!

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