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The Gallery: Green

April 27, 2011

Here’s another go at The Gallery. And this week the theme is green. Well, of course with all the lovely spring growth in the garden it would be a nice idea to include some outdoor shots. But hey, that would be a bit too easy maybe.

Instead, another view of green and one that dominates our life a bit more than the great outdoors I’m afraid. The green of the poker table. Bub’s dad loves a bit of poker and makes a fair bit of money playing on-line. Well, as much as he can in between being a full-time dad.

So naturally he was keen to ensure Bub picked up the habit as soon as possible. Here is is aged about five months and gosh darn it, he’s got himself pocket aces! What a lucky baby.


The Gallery: Hair

March 30, 2011

Another go at The Gallery for me. Haven’t been that good at putting pictures up on this blog. However I am now saved as Bub’s daddy has bought himself a new camera and is keen to use it so I now have no excuse not to take part each week.

This week’s theme was a tough one as Bub is too little to have had a hair cut (self administered or otherwise) or any hair adventures. However we’re not that far off as his hair seems to have suddenly started getting much longer and thicker. Here to demonstrate are two pictures, the first from about six months ago and the second from this weekend. He’s gone from almost completely bald to having a really lovely head of blonde shiny hair.

Aww, gorgeous!

My little man is ONE!!

January 26, 2011

My little man is one today! Where has the time gone? In some ways it feels like the longest year ever and in some ways it has simply flown by. I can’t believe it’s been a year though. A year since I gave birth to my beautiful little Bub.

First photo just minutes after birth

One month old - such a smiler!

Love to swing. What fun!

I'm a big boy now!

As luck would have it the theme for The Gallery this week is Children. What perfect timing for me to share some of my favourite pictures of our first year together.

The Gallery: Body Parts

January 13, 2011

Ooops, a bit late with this entry. But hey, I started back at work this week so it’s not surprising I’m running to catch up.

This week’s theme for The Gallery is body parts.

When we were trying for a baby my partner helpful put together this photofit of what our future baby might look like.

Argh! What a nightmare that is. Thankfully this wasn’t a glimpse into the future and our lovely Bub turned out like this. Can you spot either of us in him?

The Gallery : Love

December 22, 2010

This week’s theme for The Gallery is love. Of course I love Bub always but I have to say my heart is at it’s most fit to burst when he’s tucked up fast asleep. Soo cute and still something that I definitely don’t ever take for granted!!



The Gallery: Sparkle

December 15, 2010

First time having a crack at The Gallery. How could I pass it up when I had such a lovely shot of our Christmas tree? The biscuit decorations were made by a work mate – what a wonderful gift to get from the secret santa! Though I’m afraid they didn’t last very long on the tree as they were delicious.

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