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Check behind my ear

June 8, 2014

Bub thinks he can do magic. He is obsessed with what might be hidden behind his ear. This is after his daddy amazed him by ‘finding’ all manner of things hidden there. Toys, money, even a cushion! Bub was astounded and delighted. He now asks me to check his ear often. He even says ‘abbradabbra’ six times (and makes me count along) to make the magic happen. I’ve told him only his daddy can do this magic but he still insists we try. He also thinks this is the answer to any statement that we don’t have enough money for X or Y. If we just check behind his ear we’ll have plenty and can if course buy him what he wants!


Awww, love this

February 14, 2014


Christmas round up

January 13, 2014

So I kinda missed blogging about Christmas. This was disappointing as it was Baby’s first so I’d have loved to have written more. So here’s a quick note to record some highlights.

Firstly, Bub’s ‘car cake’. A delicious concoction of icing and marzipan. He made it the same time his Daddy made a proper Christmas cake. Bub was so proud if it. He said he’s share it with his cousin on Christmas Day and showed it to everyone. I had to pretend I’d eaten it when it was finally time to throw out the final remains last week!


Secondly, the trauma which Father Christmas caused in our house. Bub decided that this Father Christmas bloke sounded kinda dodgy. Creeping into houses in the dead of night etc. No way did he want him here – he said he’d rather have no gifts at all. He was getting very anxious about it and his sleep really deteriorated in the days leading up to Christmas. In the end we agreed to leave the stockings in the shed so Father Christmas could go in there instead of coming in the house. This made Bub much happier, to the point where he even left out a drink and carrot for our guest.

And then the nursery nativity play. Bub had the starring role (not!) as a percussionist. Given his lack of any musical ability and hatred of all singing I’m not especially surprised. I went along expecting him not to participate at all. But how wrong I was. After a few tears when being dropped off he soon got into the swing of it. I swear I even saw him singing too.


And what of my lovely Christmas Baby? Well he had a jolly good time despite a shocking cold. He didn’t even mind getting into the Christmas spirit by dressing as an elf in a seriously cheesy photo shoot with his baby friends!



January 7, 2014

What is it with boys and dens? My three year old absolutely loves them. This usually means we end up spending the day with a third of the living room and half the cushions out of action as he builds up his latest den. Baby brother is just delighted when he gets to join in too.



November 5, 2013

Went to a local fireworks display. Baby’s first. It went surprisingly well. He’s very sensitive to some noises but didn’t mind the fireworks at all. Some borrowed war defenders helped. He spent the display tucked up safe in my sling watching the bright lights with a look of complete awe on his face. Three year old Bub loved them too and watched with a massive grin. My boys clearly do have a taste for all things loud.

I didn’t get any photos of our fireworks outing. But here’s a lovely one of the two boys this Halloween.



October 23, 2013

Bub and his daddy went shopping for my birthday. Daddy asked Bub what they should get for me. Bub spotted a piñata and couldn’t imagine how anything else could possibly be as good a gift for me.

So here is my birthday piñata, which I had to fill with sweets myself as they forgot this vital element. Not sure it’d be my number one gift choice but Bub had an incredibly good time!





Little green fingers

October 2, 2013

This past summer has definitely had a greenish tinge. Our boy has discovered an interest in things that grow. And in particular things that grow which he can eat. Or plant. Or preferably both.

This summer Bub and his daddy grew some sunflowers. Of about five they planted we ended up with three that flowered. Bub checked them almost every day. He loved to water them and watch as they grew bigger and bigger. In the end our largest one was about eight foot tall!
We tried growing some other things in our garden this year too. Tomatoes, herbs, strawberries. The strawberries were a success, though we didn’t have many. Sadly the tomatoes never quite made it as they were still green when autumn arrived. And most of the herbs got blown over in high winds. But our mint is flourishing and Bub often takes a leaf to eat. We did discover sorrel growing naturally in the garden and Bub will even eat that. A boy who’d never eat a salad from the fridge just loves it if he picks it from the garden.

Now the growing season is over I’m trying to keep his interest in plants by talking about the autumn leaves. We’re watching them change colour and collecting some nice ones.

In praise of… Gromit hunting

August 24, 2013

Oh how sad we will be when the Gromits all go. This summer we have had a wonderful time hunting Gromits through the streets of Bristol. The three year old gets really excited spotting them out and about and loves getting his picture with them. I’ve also really enjoyed doing this and found it provided a lovely focus for a day out in the city. We’ve seen lots of bits of Bristol which we previously either hadn’t seen or saw in a different light.

Gromit Unleashed seems to have captured the imagination of little kids all across Bristol. Wherever we go there are families following the trail and getting pictures of the Gromits. Bub’s nursery even did a Gromit week with loads of themed activities.

So far we have done 37 of the 80 Gromits. I don’t intend to try to get them all but hopefully we’ll get a few more before they end on 8th September.

Here are some of our favourites so far:

Grant’s Gromit (or Zebra Gromit as Bub calls him)20130824-204406.jpg
Gromberry (aka Strawberry Gromit)20130824-204319.jpg
Salty Sea Dog (aka Pirate Gromit)20130824-204340.jpg
Gromitasaurus (aka the one with the teeth)20130824-204356.jpg
Gromit Unleashed is a public art exhibition in which giant sculptures of Gromit, decorated by invited artists, have been unleashed on the streets of Bristol and the surrounding area.

At the end of the art trail, the sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity.

In praise of… blackberry picking

August 5, 2013

Bub is totally loving blackberry picking. We have quite a few growing wild near our house. And every day he wants to go out to check if there are some new ones ready. Once there it’s almost impossible to get him to leave as he thinks he might get just one more. It’s lovely to be with him whilst he does this. He chats away to himself about this one being ready, this one not being ready etc.

We’ve already made tons of stuff too. Crumble, mostly. They are a bit sour to eat alone as I think they are a bit early. But in puddings or with porridge they are very tasty.


And now the other one won’t sleep!!

June 30, 2013

I think my two boys might be ganging up on me. It seems that as soon as one has their sleep sorted the other gets in a pickle.

Bub, our three year old, has become a total nightmare to get to sleep. He used to go to sleep within minutes of us saying good night. He’d be snoring gently by 9pm and sleep soundly till around 9-9.30am. This seems like a very late bedtime to most but we structure his whole day around it and use blackouts to help him sleep in till ‘up time’. This last week or so he’s totally lost it however. The other night I actually ended up going to bed whilst he was still awake. I turned out the lights and lay here with him still shouting for me! I think that night he went to sleep at 11pm. And the night before it’d been 10.30pm. All far too late and meaning he is seriously overtired.

We’ve always had our challenges with Bub’s sleep. So much so it led to me naming this blog as I did. Routine, routine, routine was our salvation. Bub knew what was coming and when and he didn’t think he had a choice. Except now he realises he can play about in his room, turn on the light, shout for a story, a wee, a drink…

I think the root of this lies in him actually oversleeping one day and us letting him. So he wasn’t tired next day and started messing. And liked it so much he did it again and again. And a couple of times we didn’t realise he had put his light on and he was awake ages having a whale of a time.

This does happen from time to time. Often it is accompanied by early morning wakings and over tiredness. The only solution I have found is to put him to bed much earlier. Even for early wakings. We put him down earlier and he messes about but falls asleep that bit earlier too. So next day he is less overtired and sleep comes a bit easier. So again less overtired etc. Eventually we can revert back to the usual sleep time.

Last night we put him in bed a half hour early. He then had an hour of rampaging in his bedroom, of course. We ignored him as best we could and tried not to engage more than absolutely necessary. And he fell asleep at quarter to ten. Not brilliant but better than the previous two nights. He was asleep on two pillows which he’d put in the floor behind the bed, mind you. However luckily he didn’t wake when moved. What a monkey!

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