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Check behind my ear

June 8, 2014

Bub thinks he can do magic. He is obsessed with what might be hidden behind his ear. This is after his daddy amazed him by ‘finding’ all manner of things hidden there. Toys, money, even a cushion! Bub was astounded and delighted. He now asks me to check his ear often. He even says ‘abbradabbra’ six times (and makes me count along) to make the magic happen. I’ve told him only his daddy can do this magic but he still insists we try. He also thinks this is the answer to any statement that we don’t have enough money for X or Y. If we just check behind his ear we’ll have plenty and can if course buy him what he wants!



February 11, 2014

I wrote about two months ago about Baby’s impending operation. He has an undescended testicle and needed it investigating. This involved keyhole surgery under general anaesthetic. You might have wondered what happened. The original operation date was postponed, a day before it was due, because of ‘winter pressures’. But fortunately he wasn’t left waiting too long and had the operation about a fortnight ago.

I had been dreading it. But it actually went remarkably smoothly. Baby couldn’t eat or drink for six hours before the op. But he napped through a fair bit of that time and the rest was spent with him being easily distracted by the excitement of being in a new place. Baby’s daddy took him to theatre and held him whilst they put him under. I think this shook him up but Baby took it all in his stride. An hour or so later and Baby was awake. At first he was rather unhappy and couldn’t hold down any milk. He projectile vomited all over himself and me which wasn’t great given I’d brought tons of clothes for him and none for me. But after a few cuddles, a bit more milk and some pain relief he got much better. I had thought pain relief would be a big issue but actually he was fine after that. I had Calpol and ibuprofen ready but we barely needed it. He slept a bit more than usual the next few days but otherwise has been grand. We came home that same afternoon.

I have to say I was mightily relieved. Everything went so well and it was in large part due to the amazing nursing care we had – they and all the staff were so lovely.

The Doctors say that we need to do this in two stages so we’ll be back at the hospital for a repeat procedure in about five months time. I can only hope it goes so well.


Eight months old

October 29, 2013

Wow, time flies. All of a sudden my little baby isn’t quite so little. He is crawling, in fact. Amazing. His big brother didn’t do this for another six weeks so Baby is well ahead in the mobility stakes. Probably a by-product of spending much more time on the floor…

Anyway I thought it’d be interesting to contrast the two little ones at the same age. So here we go, first big brother Bub and then little Baby.


These also show another major difference. Teeth. Baby has had two teeth for quite a while. Bub didn’t get them till nine months. Both at this stage are still fairly chubby, though Bub slimmed down a lot once he started crawling. Will be interesting to see if the pattern repeats itself.

So, my two boys. Feels like only yesterday Bub was eight months and now he’s almost four. Gosh!

Little green fingers

October 2, 2013

This past summer has definitely had a greenish tinge. Our boy has discovered an interest in things that grow. And in particular things that grow which he can eat. Or plant. Or preferably both.

This summer Bub and his daddy grew some sunflowers. Of about five they planted we ended up with three that flowered. Bub checked them almost every day. He loved to water them and watch as they grew bigger and bigger. In the end our largest one was about eight foot tall!
We tried growing some other things in our garden this year too. Tomatoes, herbs, strawberries. The strawberries were a success, though we didn’t have many. Sadly the tomatoes never quite made it as they were still green when autumn arrived. And most of the herbs got blown over in high winds. But our mint is flourishing and Bub often takes a leaf to eat. We did discover sorrel growing naturally in the garden and Bub will even eat that. A boy who’d never eat a salad from the fridge just loves it if he picks it from the garden.

Now the growing season is over I’m trying to keep his interest in plants by talking about the autumn leaves. We’re watching them change colour and collecting some nice ones.

Portrait of a five month old

July 27, 2013

You are totally orally fixated, everything goes straight in your mouth
You love your toys, especially your cuddly caterpillar
You can roll over both ways, but don’t tend to do it very often
You have a lovely smile and use it a lot, especially at Daddy
You also like to laugh at Daddy, though you only use your laugh occasionally
You find your big brother fascinating and always want to watch him
You can drink from a bottle (yay!) but still prefer breast feeding for comfort
You snack all day, never really drinking much except at bedtime
You are quite chatty but make less noises than you once did
You aren’t yet eating real food but you enjoy practicing with a spoon at the table
You sleep really well at night (despite all my bad habits) usually going 8-10 hours at a stretch
You are rarely grumpy even when you are very tired
You are increasingly wriggling and won’t be using your bouncy chair much longer
You love your baths and would happily stay in them for ages
You’re our Baby and we love you!

Not quite so big baby

June 24, 2013

Baby’s weight gain has slowed right down. Till now he has always been much bigger than his brother was at the same age. But last time he was weighed (just before sixteen weeks) this had reversed.

Baby was 15 lb 9 oz at twelve weeks. But only 16 lb 7 oz at sixteen weeks. Not much of a gain over four weeks. By contrast his brother was a pound lighter than him at twelve weeks yet was 5 oz heavier than Baby at sixteen weeks. Quite a difference.

Baby is now around the 75th percentile mark so still a big boy. But given he started on 99th that’s down a fair bit.

The health visitors were fine with it at the time. However they didn’t plot his weight properly on the chart so it was only when I got home and corrected it I saw he’d dropped another percentile. So they might not have been so happy if they had realised.

I’m hoping this is a blip following the spate of green and frequent poo. Will probably take him to be weighed in a fortnight to check he’s ok.

Daisy daisy

April 3, 2013

Before Bub was born my instinctive view was that there wasn’t much difference between little boys and little girls. In the nature vs nurture debate I thought that any differences would be down to socialisation and learned responses. I wanted to give my child the option to try all things and be who they wanted to be. If that meant my son playing ironing and my daughter playing cars then so be it.

Now I have a son I’m much more open to the idea that girls and boys are different. Certainly in my experience they play, speak and act very differently even at only two or three. Speaking very generally the little girls I know tend to be much more into role playing. They are alert to relationships and build these into games. Boys by contrast tend to be more into things. Cars, trains etc are ordered and moved about. They might collide together but that’s about as far as interaction goes. These are big generalisations of course and are probably very influenced by the kind if boy Bub is. As someone who is very active and physical, into puzzles and problem solving but not great at speaking this probably means he fits this stereotype a bit more than most.

Anyway, the point of all that preamble was to say how nice it was today to see him doing some non-boyish stuff.

These last couple of days the weather has been so much better and we’ve been able to go outside (yay!) And Bub has become obsessed with daisies. He started picking then on the way home from nursery. And today he was picking them from the garden. He has put them all in a little egg cup. I told him that whilst they were lovely they wouldn’t last very long now they had been picked. He was quite upset at this idea and said he didn’t want that to happen. And then we had a little chat about how plants die if you pick them and they need soil, water and sun to survive. I felt like Alan Titchmarsh at the end of it all!

One week old

March 6, 2013

Baby is one week old today and getting more alert and less ‘newborn’ as each day passes.
He’s also now officially out of his newborn clothes and in the 0-3 month stuff.

Sadly I celebrated today by mainly feeling unwell 😦

Day one

February 28, 2013

Hard to believe our new little one is only just over 24 hours old. Feels like a lifetime has passed already.

Fortunately my high blood pressure in labour came down immediately after the birth and has stayed normal ever since. And Baby is doing brilliantly too, no concerns or issues which is lovely.

He is feeding like a trouper, has a really strong suck on him! I think Bub took much longer to get the hang of it but that might have been more down to me than him. Though I had no idea how bad afterpains can be in second children – ouch that’s been painful!!

We were in hospital for around 15 hours all in and back home yesterday in time for tea. Bub therefore got to meet his little brother at home which was how I’d hoped it’d be. And fortunately Baby had had the foresight to bring Bub a present which made everything pretty much ok from his perspective. Here’s Bub showing the Baby his new Rex toy.

Am knackered, but did manage a few hours kip last night. More than I did for Bub when I think the adrenaline from the birth and general shock to my system kept me awake for several days. Baby is very sleepy at moment which I know won’t last but I hope to enjoy as fully as possible while I can!

Routine for a three year old

February 10, 2013

Preparing for the birth of our little one has also involved planning for the care of Bub whilst I’m in labour. I’m hoping for a home birth and I know lots of mums happily birth with their kids around but I don’t think this would work for me. So Bub is off to stay with his Aunty. It’s rather odd not knowing exactly when it’ll be, or over what time period, so we’ve had to plan for it being potentially over two days including an unprecedented night away from us.

I’ve packed Bub’s bag which has more in than my emergency hospital bag. I’ve also done a note outlining his usual routine and sleeping habits. I thought I’d share for posterity and in case anyone is interested in the day to day routine of a just-three year old.

It should be noted that Bub has an unusual schedule. He gets up late and goes to bed late which suits his night owl daddy and means I get to see lots of him when I get home from work. It’s also pretty variable – sometimes he’s up for 8am, other times not till 11am. We generally play it by ear assuming he takes the sleep he needs. Ditto his food. Sometimes he is massively hungry and eats almost adult portions, other times next to nothing. Again we try to stay relaxed about this and let him decide his needs.

Bub approx routine

9-10am Wake up, have beaker warm milk and maybe a biscuit. Don’t wake him, follow his lead.

Get dressed

10.30am-ish Breakfast (usually cereal)

2.00pm-ish Lunch

7.00pm-ish Tea

8.00pm Bath time

8.45pm Beaker warm milk, story and bedtime

Drinks (water or very diluted squash or juice) available all day. Snacks (preferably fruit) if desired mid-morning and afternoon.

Bub wears pants in the day and a nappy over night. He wears a poppered vest, pyjamas and sleeping bag over his night nappy. No duvet. If the room might get cold keep his socks on and put a blanket over him when asleep. He has a single flat pillow. He needs a bed guard to stop him rolling out of bed, or put the mattress on the floor. He has a small nightlight (gro-egg), this needs to be out of reach for safety. The room will ideally have quite thick curtains to stop him waking too early.

Bub uses a potty and also likes to use the toilet. He tends to get a reward of a haribo sweet after each use but if he doesn’t request one don’t give it as we are keen to phase this out.

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