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Christmas round up

January 13, 2014

So I kinda missed blogging about Christmas. This was disappointing as it was Baby’s first so I’d have loved to have written more. So here’s a quick note to record some highlights.

Firstly, Bub’s ‘car cake’. A delicious concoction of icing and marzipan. He made it the same time his Daddy made a proper Christmas cake. Bub was so proud if it. He said he’s share it with his cousin on Christmas Day and showed it to everyone. I had to pretend I’d eaten it when it was finally time to throw out the final remains last week!


Secondly, the trauma which Father Christmas caused in our house. Bub decided that this Father Christmas bloke sounded kinda dodgy. Creeping into houses in the dead of night etc. No way did he want him here – he said he’d rather have no gifts at all. He was getting very anxious about it and his sleep really deteriorated in the days leading up to Christmas. In the end we agreed to leave the stockings in the shed so Father Christmas could go in there instead of coming in the house. This made Bub much happier, to the point where he even left out a drink and carrot for our guest.

And then the nursery nativity play. Bub had the starring role (not!) as a percussionist. Given his lack of any musical ability and hatred of all singing I’m not especially surprised. I went along expecting him not to participate at all. But how wrong I was. After a few tears when being dropped off he soon got into the swing of it. I swear I even saw him singing too.


And what of my lovely Christmas Baby? Well he had a jolly good time despite a shocking cold. He didn’t even mind getting into the Christmas spirit by dressing as an elf in a seriously cheesy photo shoot with his baby friends!



Birthday party fun

January 26, 2013

Good grief, hosting a child’s birthday party at 37 weeks pregnant is exhausting! I guess it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that. I was perhaps a little over-optimistic when we booked the party a few months ago. Though Bub had a really fab time and I hope all his little friends who came enjoyed it too.

We hired the local leisure centre softplay for a couple of hours and let all the kids get on with it. In theory it should’ve been easy. But by the time you factor in sorting people out with drinks and nibbles etc, plus chatting to guests and doling out party bags, it’s rather draining.

Bub’s daddy was in charge of the cake. And he did a fab job!


Bub refused point blank to have candles and was very unhappy when we sang happy birthday. But otherwise he had a wonderful time running and climbing and tumbling about with his mates in the softplay.

I can’t believe my little boy is THREE!

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