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January 7, 2014

What is it with boys and dens? My three year old absolutely loves them. This usually means we end up spending the day with a third of the living room and half the cushions out of action as he builds up his latest den. Baby brother is just delighted when he gets to join in too.




November 14, 2012

Bub’s play has changed massively in the last few weeks. The trains, cars and jigsaws still feature but more imaginative play has definitely come to the fore.

I’ve said before about his new love of dressing up. He has also become very into the whole idea of a den.

He builds dens everywhere he can find a smallish space to occupy. Cushions invariably form the door and if he is lucky a blanket makes a great roof. His toys, random clothes and other bits and bobs all get put inside the den too. He also delights in getting one of us to join him in the den, which given I am six months pregnant is not always easy or comfortable.

I think this whole thing has come from our recent holiday with friends in a very large house. There were lots of places for the kids to explore and hide and seek was definitely the most popular game.

It’s lovely to see him playing in this new way, building up his repertoire of new games. Not quite so great, however, when I have to try to find my clothes or kitchen utensils which have somehow ended up wedged behind the armchair…

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