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Getting so big and clever

February 8, 2014

Argh! Time is flying, I keep thinking of things to blog but then don’t get around to doing it.

The boys are getting bigger and better at everything. Bub is now four. Can you believe it? He’s suddenly got really into drawing and writing. He does ‘stories’ in which he draws random letters and numbers on the page. And his pictures aren’t scribbles any more. His people have faces, bodies, legs, toes, even shoes. And big smiley faces!

And Baby is nearly one. He’s started to pull up to standing all the time. Though rather annoyingly for all concerned he doesn’t yet know how to get back down.


My boy, the artist

April 29, 2013

Feeling so proud of my little boy today. For the first time he’s drawn something recognisable. It took a bit of encouragement from his dad but here are his first two ‘real’ drawings.
This first picture was one he took ages over and kept adding in extra detail. I’ve had to crop out the handbag but you can see the hair, knobbly knees, ‘sticky up things’ and willy! (My partner did the hands and feet as Bub wasn’t confident enough to do them himself.) The second picture is much more minimalist. I believe that the character on the right is me.

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