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Check behind my ear

June 8, 2014

Bub thinks he can do magic. He is obsessed with what might be hidden behind his ear. This is after his daddy amazed him by ‘finding’ all manner of things hidden there. Toys, money, even a cushion! Bub was astounded and delighted. He now asks me to check his ear often. He even says ‘abbradabbra’ six times (and makes me count along) to make the magic happen. I’ve told him only his daddy can do this magic but he still insists we try. He also thinks this is the answer to any statement that we don’t have enough money for X or Y. If we just check behind his ear we’ll have plenty and can if course buy him what he wants!


Christmas round up

January 13, 2014

So I kinda missed blogging about Christmas. This was disappointing as it was Baby’s first so I’d have loved to have written more. So here’s a quick note to record some highlights.

Firstly, Bub’s ‘car cake’. A delicious concoction of icing and marzipan. He made it the same time his Daddy made a proper Christmas cake. Bub was so proud if it. He said he’s share it with his cousin on Christmas Day and showed it to everyone. I had to pretend I’d eaten it when it was finally time to throw out the final remains last week!


Secondly, the trauma which Father Christmas caused in our house. Bub decided that this Father Christmas bloke sounded kinda dodgy. Creeping into houses in the dead of night etc. No way did he want him here – he said he’d rather have no gifts at all. He was getting very anxious about it and his sleep really deteriorated in the days leading up to Christmas. In the end we agreed to leave the stockings in the shed so Father Christmas could go in there instead of coming in the house. This made Bub much happier, to the point where he even left out a drink and carrot for our guest.

And then the nursery nativity play. Bub had the starring role (not!) as a percussionist. Given his lack of any musical ability and hatred of all singing I’m not especially surprised. I went along expecting him not to participate at all. But how wrong I was. After a few tears when being dropped off he soon got into the swing of it. I swear I even saw him singing too.


And what of my lovely Christmas Baby? Well he had a jolly good time despite a shocking cold. He didn’t even mind getting into the Christmas spirit by dressing as an elf in a seriously cheesy photo shoot with his baby friends!



October 23, 2013

Bub and his daddy went shopping for my birthday. Daddy asked Bub what they should get for me. Bub spotted a piñata and couldn’t imagine how anything else could possibly be as good a gift for me.

So here is my birthday piñata, which I had to fill with sweets myself as they forgot this vital element. Not sure it’d be my number one gift choice but Bub had an incredibly good time!





Holiday fun

May 15, 2013

Lovely long weekend away. Our first for about a year. Shamefully this is because Bub’s sleep is often really disrupted and this tends to dampen my enthusiasm to do it again. But you know what? His sleep was appalling, again, but it was still worth it. We had lots of fun.

Some highlights

  • Bub’s massive and complete excitement about going on holiday, our ‘holiday house’ and everything to do with the holiday.
  • Bub playing for HOURS with the wooden marble maze provided in our caravan lodge.
  • Having a cup of tea and reading the paper in our hot tub (for about five minutes) before being joined by an excited three year old who was delighted to have his own personal swimming pool.
  • Visiting a beautiful waterfall (England’s highest) and trekking all the way up to the top. Bub walked pretty much the whole way, he did so well and had boundless energy. And Baby did well in the sling too.
  • Bub and his daddy being Adventurers, including finding a stream with stepping stones.
  • Visiting the great British seaside on a wet and blustery afternoon, including a walk along the beach and doughnuts.
  • Bub having fun on the two penny slots on the pier and going on a 20p kids motorbike ride.
  • 20130515-002728.jpg


    Bad piggies cart

    April 23, 2013

    I’ve written before about Bub’s enthusiasm for iPhone games and YouTube videos. One of the consequences of having a new baby and me spending lots of time breast feeding. But who am I kidding – he loved them before Baby arrived too!

    Bub’s top games at the moment are Bad Piggies and Minecraft. Bad Piggies is an Angry Birds spin off and involves building cars and planes for pigs to escape with their eggs. It’s actually rather hard and whilst Bub can make some fab constructions it usually requires some adult help to complete most levels. So at least it’s interactive. Minecraft allows you to create and explore whole worlds. Bub can’t play this game himself but watches others play on YouTube. In particular he loves the Minecraft rollercoasters people make.

    Anyway these two games have inspired him to something more traditional. He’s built a car from boxes. Or more specifically a ‘bad piggies cart’ – a cross between a bad piggies vehicle and a Minecraft mine cart.

    As you may be able to see it has been kindly sponsored by Pampers and Felix cat food*. The cart comes complete with a slipper steering wheel, side rockets made from shoes and a bubble bath bottle for the peddles. Bub is also helpfully pulling a silly face.
    * Not!

    Easter fun

    April 2, 2013

    Being on maternity leave means that often bank holidays are more of a chore than a joy. I wouldn’t be at work anyway but now there are loads of other people also not at work and they are crowding up all our usual activities! Plus our nursery has the cheek to charge us the full daily rate for bank holidays despite being shut.

    All this means I wasn’t really looking forward to this long weekend very much. However fortunately it all turned out very nicely. We had some brilliant weather on Sunday – cold but sunny – and went for a very enjoyable walk.

    I also wanted to do something with an Easter focus with Bub. I’m not religious so this meant something egg related. On Saturday we decorated some real eggs using felt tip pens. Bub only did one, with only one colour. He was intent on putting as much purple onto that egg as possible and couldn’t be tempted to put it aside to do another. I did a few more. Then on Monday with his cousin we did an egg hunt. The two boys looked super cute as they went round the garden with their buckets searching for the previously decorated eggs. Surprisingly only two eggs were harmed during this exercise, the rest escaped without a scratch. And the boys were rewarded at the end with a creme egg each.

    A bit of footie

    February 5, 2013

    Now I’m on maternity leave and Bub is three we’re able to try our hand at a few more toddler activities. Today we went to toddler football. I had hoped Bub would enjoy it but it was better than that – he totally LOVED it!

    He ran straight in and was totally fine from the off with being there. A big contrast to some recent kids parties where he has clung to me for the first half an hour. He also listened avidly to everything the coach said and held his own in all the games. In fact he acted like he’d been there for months. I was very proud.

    I think we’re going to have to go again!


    January 19, 2013

    Snow in our part of the country yesterday. And Bub loved it. Here he is on the walk to nursery, though he’d rather be making snowballs than walking – a usual ten minute walk took 45 minutes!



    November 14, 2012

    Bub’s play has changed massively in the last few weeks. The trains, cars and jigsaws still feature but more imaginative play has definitely come to the fore.

    I’ve said before about his new love of dressing up. He has also become very into the whole idea of a den.

    He builds dens everywhere he can find a smallish space to occupy. Cushions invariably form the door and if he is lucky a blanket makes a great roof. His toys, random clothes and other bits and bobs all get put inside the den too. He also delights in getting one of us to join him in the den, which given I am six months pregnant is not always easy or comfortable.

    I think this whole thing has come from our recent holiday with friends in a very large house. There were lots of places for the kids to explore and hide and seek was definitely the most popular game.

    It’s lovely to see him playing in this new way, building up his repertoire of new games. Not quite so great, however, when I have to try to find my clothes or kitchen utensils which have somehow ended up wedged behind the armchair…

    Sporty Bub

    August 3, 2012

    Bub’s nursery have been doing a week of themed activities in honour of the Olympics. On Wednesday there was a football theme and all the kids painted their own football shirt. On the back is says his name and the number 2. I think that was Bub’s favourite bit, he just loves the fact that ‘I two’.


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