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Growing in understanding

February 9, 2014

Baby is nearly a year old. And suddenly he seems to begun to understand what we are saying. We play finding games all the time. We say ‘where is Bub?’, for instance, and he looks around and points. It’s really odd what we can understand and what he can’t. Ask him where Mia is, our cat, and he gets it every time. Ask him where mummy or daddy are and he hasn’t a clue. He’s very good with some toys – one baby doll called Tommy he loves and will happily search around for ages looking for him.

He is also kind of speaking a bit too. He says ‘da da da’ all the time, though not in any context. But he does try to say the cat’s name. When he sees her he says ‘eee-a’ and does it so often it’s not a coincidence. This is all very exciting because his big brother Bub didn’t do much early talking or experiment with sounds.


Call and response

November 21, 2013

Baby has started to make a variety of vocal sounds and noises. It’s really exciting. He’ll make a ‘ssss’ sound and then laugh when I do one back. Often we’ll have what are almost conversations where we are hissing and smiling at each other. He also makes ‘duh duh’ and ‘buh buh’ sounds.

This is all lots of fun. And in massive contrast to his big brother. Bub had very delayed speech and I don’t remember him ever testing out sounds or doing call and response type stuff. All this makes me think that Baby will be speaking much sooner than Bub did.


March 7, 2012

Another big step forward speech wise today. Bub has a new word and kept repeating it lots today. Unfortunately we haven’t a clue what he’s saying. But it’s a good step forward in any case.

Can you help decipher his babble? Your thoughts very welcome!

What he was saying, repeatedly at least ten times in a row, was “ah-tul-yuh”. Occasionally coming out as “ah-drul-yuh”. This started when he was scootering around and then as we praised him he said it more after he’d stopped scootering. First time he’s repeatedly attempted to use any kind of word so a big step forward.

I know he says “ah” for I or me so I think he might be trying to say “I something”. Perhaps “I tell you” or “I show you”.

His understanding is very much there, I wouldn’t put it past him that he might be saying a sentence. But his pronunciation and ability to make sounds is really weak. He has such a limited range of syllables he really could be trying to say anything. He still can’t say ma-ma, instead it comes out as “vra-vra” at best.

So who knows. Is this the beginning of what will be rapidly accelerating speech development? Or another inching step along a very slow and winding path towards a decipherable word or two. Probably both I imagine.

What a lovely kitty te-ke

January 30, 2012

Feels like a big step forward on Bub’s speaking today. I think it may be down to him spending quite a bit of time recently with his talkative two year old cousin.

Remember that Bub is VERY behind in his speaking. Two years old and all he can say is ‘dada’, ‘no’ and ‘I’. All in context though, with cute head shaking accompanying the ‘no’. He can also do a monster growl, a kissy noise (of the sort you’d make to a cat), and a ssshhh train noise.

So today’s tiny steps forward need to be put in this context.

This morning we saw a cat out of the window. I asked him if he could say cat and he stopped, thought about it a while, and said ‘te-ke’. He then did it again. Clearly it’d have been better if he’d said ‘ke-te’ but hey, I’m just impressed he got the ‘c’ and ‘t’ sound in there regardless. Previously his only attempts at saying cat, when he didn’t just ignore me, were to say ‘da’.

This afternoon he was playing with a balloon with his daddy. And after some prompting firstly he said ‘ooo’ and then ‘bl-ooo’. Another real breakthrough.

All this probably sounds ridiculous. But when you’ve tried for a year to get your son to say cat and only ever got back silence or ‘da’ this is pretty special. Here’s hoping this is start of some major speaking progress.


February 26, 2011

It’s been a long time coming, certainly compared to many of his peers, but tonight my little Bub said ‘ma-ma!’ to me for the first time. It wasn’t to me as such, just in response to me saying ‘Can you say mama?’ But I think it still counts!

Bub isn’t particularly chatty and says very little, either in ‘real’ words or babbling. We know he can understand lots but he just doesn’t say much.

We often play games where we ask him where things are. His vocabulary for this is huge – clock, cat, mouse, butterfly, washing machine, train, car, apple etc. He can also understand some quite complex instructions.

So I’m not really sure why he doesn’t seem to want to try to say the words he clearly understands. But slowly we are getting there. His fourth recognisable word after ‘dada’, ‘eda’ and ‘nana’.

How lovely it is to be a mummy sometimes 🙂

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