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Growing in understanding

February 9, 2014

Baby is nearly a year old. And suddenly he seems to begun to understand what we are saying. We play finding games all the time. We say ‘where is Bub?’, for instance, and he looks around and points. It’s really odd what we can understand and what he can’t. Ask him where Mia is, our cat, and he gets it every time. Ask him where mummy or daddy are and he hasn’t a clue. He’s very good with some toys – one baby doll called Tommy he loves and will happily search around for ages looking for him.

He is also kind of speaking a bit too. He says ‘da da da’ all the time, though not in any context. But he does try to say the cat’s name. When he sees her he says ‘eee-a’ and does it so often it’s not a coincidence. This is all very exciting because his big brother Bub didn’t do much early talking or experiment with sounds.


Call and response

November 21, 2013

Baby has started to make a variety of vocal sounds and noises. It’s really exciting. He’ll make a ‘ssss’ sound and then laugh when I do one back. Often we’ll have what are almost conversations where we are hissing and smiling at each other. He also makes ‘duh duh’ and ‘buh buh’ sounds.

This is all lots of fun. And in massive contrast to his big brother. Bub had very delayed speech and I don’t remember him ever testing out sounds or doing call and response type stuff. All this makes me think that Baby will be speaking much sooner than Bub did.

Put telly on mummy!

February 14, 2013

I remember when my Bub could barely say two words. It wasn’t that long ago. Now he is really getting somewhere with his speaking. We even get sentences like this one he said the other day:

“Put telly on mummy, make [Bub] happy.”

How can you argue with that!

He is very active but does love his tv. We have Netflix which means when not watching Cbeebies we often put on films or tv series. His current favourites include:

Inspector Gadget (80s cartoon series)
Toy Story (1,2 & 3)
Ghostbusters (1 & 2)
Godzilla (80s cartoon series)
Land before time (dinosaur cartoons that seem to number up to at least 15)
Jumanji (which he calls ‘two flies get out’)
Jurassic Park (he doesn’t find it scary, though some of it is a bit inappropriate)
Thomas the Tank Engine
Mister Maker (a Cbeebies fave)

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