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February 11, 2014

I wrote about two months ago about Baby’s impending operation. He has an undescended testicle and needed it investigating. This involved keyhole surgery under general anaesthetic. You might have wondered what happened. The original operation date was postponed, a day before it was due, because of ‘winter pressures’. But fortunately he wasn’t left waiting too long and had the operation about a fortnight ago.

I had been dreading it. But it actually went remarkably smoothly. Baby couldn’t eat or drink for six hours before the op. But he napped through a fair bit of that time and the rest was spent with him being easily distracted by the excitement of being in a new place. Baby’s daddy took him to theatre and held him whilst they put him under. I think this shook him up but Baby took it all in his stride. An hour or so later and Baby was awake. At first he was rather unhappy and couldn’t hold down any milk. He projectile vomited all over himself and me which wasn’t great given I’d brought tons of clothes for him and none for me. But after a few cuddles, a bit more milk and some pain relief he got much better. I had thought pain relief would be a big issue but actually he was fine after that. I had Calpol and ibuprofen ready but we barely needed it. He slept a bit more than usual the next few days but otherwise has been grand. We came home that same afternoon.

I have to say I was mightily relieved. Everything went so well and it was in large part due to the amazing nursing care we had – they and all the staff were so lovely.

The Doctors say that we need to do this in two stages so we’ll be back at the hospital for a repeat procedure in about five months time. I can only hope it goes so well.



Anticipating pain

December 1, 2013

Poor Baby has four teeth coming through. Four! This really isn’t much fun for anyone. I can see teeny tiny white bits though in his top gums where they are just about to break through. So hopefully it’s not too long to go now.

Helping him deal with the pain and discomfort is probably quite good practice though. In a few days Baby is due to have an operation. I’ve not mentioned it before but he has an undescended testicle. So later this week we’re off to the hospital for his surgery. It’s routine, from the perspective of the hospital, and he’ll probably be out that day. But from our position it’s anything but routine. He’ll be under general anaesthetic so can’t eat or drink for six hours before hand. Try explaining that to a nine month old! It’s keyhole surgery but it’s still likely he’ll be in a fair bit of pain afterwards. Poor little mite!

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